Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 336: Ready, Set, Go!

No, that's not Abishai saying, "Ready, Set, Go!" it's me saying that!  Today was intensive prep day for my craft fair/event tomorrow.  I keep it simple, but certain things needed to be updated and printed off before I could go.  I told the kids that they would do what they could on their school work, but I didn't have time to go over anything, and I was right, I didn't.  Jared spent the morning at a breakfast meeting and then gathering wood from who knows where.  It seems that all his eyes see when he's driving are piles of wood or fallen trees ready to be harvested for our fireplace, lol. Abishai behaved himself today, and was less clingy, so I was able to get everything done just fine.  The kids also took turns entertaining him so that I could concentrate.

Then Keturah and I were headed out for the evening, birthday party for her and Christmas shopping for me.  Fun!  She had a blast and wants to do a sleepover party next year for her birthday.  I was able to get most of the shopping done, "stacked" some coupons without any effort ("stacked" means you take advantage of in store deals and have coupons to go with them), and made sure I talked myself out of some of the more elaborate things we do every year.  For example, I bought 1 bag of candy to fill a special glass tree jar instead of all the different kinds my parents used to get at Christmastime.  I also only bought ingredients for one of the treats I'll make this year.

Meanwhile, the boys had a blast roasting marshmellows in the fireplace again.  And Abishai is now constantly taking our hands to lead us to places so we can do or get something for him.  It's totally adorable.  We'll just have to remind him to "use his words" once he gets a few more.  He was a little confused when Jared put him to bed because Sissy and Mommy won't home.  Abishai's love languages are definitely touch and time.  He loves people.  It's so sweet.

What a ham!

Both Jared's family and my family had the exact same mouse and Santa advent calendar.  My sister has my family's one and we use Jared's family's one.  Abihsai likes moving the mouse all the way to number 24, although he has no clue what it means, lol.

A creative twist on the peanut butter and banana roll up Justin loves.  Add chocolate!1  I thought the spirals looked kind of fancy, so I took a picture of it.

Cheesin' for cheese puffs for breakfast because Daddy had left them out on the counter last night.

Oo, I love this shot! Artistic!  And cheesy fingers! 
Nothing like a good cuddle with Sissy (and just about anyone)!

Darth Vader meets fireplace cleaner.  In his famous red shorts and no shirt.  He's a strange 11 year old, what can I say?  He also went to take a bite of something and totally forgot he had the mask on.  What a goof!
This kid knows EXACTLY where Grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies are.  And he tries to take more than 1 every time.

Yeah, I got my cookie!

We were waiting for an appointment and apparently Jared thought the tea section needed to be organized.  Bahahahaha.  He might not always organize his papers at home, but tea, well, that's way more important to be organized. (I'm being sarcastic).  I just found it funny that he organized someone else's tea shelf.

This kid is taller than our van.  Yikes!

Another Christmas decoration that the Johnsons and Howells bought at the same time way back when are these little wooden trains that spell out Noel.  Gary and Leah's train is a bit bigger and in better shape, so Abishai is allowed to play with it and he's very careful with it.  The Howell set is a bit smaller and is a little worn looking.

Another roaring fire in the fireplace.

Indian Creek always looks beautiful at Christmastime.  This one of my favorite trees because it's so ladylike and can be found in the women's bathroom.
That's it.  Great big day tomorrow, so I don't think there will be many pictures, but I will still have a story to tell I'm sure.  Sunday will be rest and prep for the week as always.  Ready, set, go!

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