Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day 350: Visitors!

Yeah!  My sister Stefanie and nephew Auggie arrived today for a visit! We haven't seen them in 2 years!  They had very smooth flights and Auggie did really well!  It was extremely cold out today, and we had to be careful which doors we used on the van because when it's THIS cold, the latches don't always work.  We had to bring a blowtorch with us to the airport just in case the latches froze up again.  But, we remembered not to use that particular door and all was fine.  Then we came home and just hung out together.  Jared got to keep working on his work.  Abishai was super excited to have more people in his house.  Auggie was a bit shy but did fine, even with more noise than he is used to.  The kids took Aunt Stefanie on a tour of their rooms.  We all watched a little Thomas the Tank Engine or played on our phones for quiet time, while Abishai had a late nap.  Supper was ham, roasted potatoes and PEI medley of veggies (two kinds of green beans and carrots).  Once all the kids were tucked into bed, the mamas got a little sister talking time.  There's SO MUCH to catch up on!  But Stefanie and Auggie had gotten up at 4 am to catch their early flight, so we didn't stay up too late talking like we did many moons ago (and a lot less kids ago).  Tomorrow we will bravely head to the Children's Museum, come home to rest, and then go to church.  Stefanie and Auggie are only here until Monday, so we gotta squeeze in as much together time as possible.

A little delay in the midwest, but Stef and Auggie made their connection just fine!

Somehow this little one got a hold of crayons and paper all by himself.  But he likes having access to the big table again.

They're here!  Time to play!

Mad libs with Aunt Stefanie!

Auggie was having a hard time understanding that he was spending the night here, so he carried around his backpack for awhile and Keturah and Abishai chased him up and down the hallway.

Lightsaber action!

Auggie with both light sabers!

Stefanie shared an app with the kids where you can put your face into a funny video.  This one was about a tiger.

Stefanie was showing Abishai how to put a card back into an envelope.

Awww.  We also had some great running around time with Abishai hiding in Jared's closest and then peeking out to find out where Stefanie had gone to.  Lots of bedtime giggles and fun!

Ta da!

Aww, look at all those cousins with their Auntie Stef!  Just missing Benaiah, who wouldn't have fit on the couch anyway.  Watching Thomas the Tank Engine of course.

Aww, cuddle time before bed.
This was Day 1 of Stef's visit.  We can't wait for Day 2!

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