Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 360: The Aftermath

Actually, it's not that bad of an aftermath today.  With some planning and learning to let go of things, I haven't had the full on rush of Christmas as I have had in the past.  It was just Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I was prepared for it.  And ready to recover today.  Actually, it felt like we had skipped ahead about 6 months because it was 63 F degrees!  That's June weather on PEI!  We had the patio door and a couple of windows open.  It was also drizzly.  Blech.  I'd rather have snow to look at and play in.  So for me, that's been a bummer already this year.  But it was a bummer when we lived here before, so it's nothing new.

Meanwhile, yes, movie watching, Lego playing, car playing, picture and video uploading, etc.  Typical day "off."  I meant to get to the school room, but I'm trying to recover more quickly to this head cold than the last one, so I choose a nap instead.  When I'm tired, I have no motivation to tackle projects.  I used up a whole big box of kleenex today.  I can't take antihistamines unless I want to sleep away the day.  And since Jared and Benaiah were gone taking care of the dog and errands, I needed to be awake for the other 3.

Keturah kept busy all day.  Abishai wasn't as clingy and even smiled and laughed some.  I don't mind picking him up once in awhile, but I need to retrain him that I can't always play with him and hold him.  I hold him much more than I did the others and I take time to play with him.  I've learned my lesson on that one.  But, he has to learn that I have other duties as well or we won't have food on the table or clean clothes, etc.  Justin had a rough day today because he wasn't allowed to build his other Lego sets and he couldn't come up with something creative with what he does have.  He's showing some more teenager behavior of anger and full of complaints.  I had him write down 10 things he was thankful for, and he had a hard time doing it.  He almost used exactly the same words as Benaiah did at that age, so it doesn't bother me as much this time around since know it's just a preteen thing.  It's still annoying to watch him mope around and be bored.  Sigh.  Teenagers.

I missed Jared a lot today because I'm just so used to having him at home.  But I have to get over that quickly because hopefully he'll get to move into the new office space for e2 the first week of February!  Now we'll have an excuse to visit both him and Grandpa at church once a week!  Wahoo!

I walked away for a few minutes and Abishai had reached over and grabbed the cheese popcorn from the popcorn tin to eat for breakfast.  At least he got it in a bucket that I had given him for raisins.  Goofball.  Keturah ended up eating the rest of it.

The first floor is fairly stationary, but the upper floors can be reconfigured, including the elevator!

Little boy wanted to get in on the action, too.  Thankfully, he just wants to play with the set as it's supposed to be played with and doesn't intend to destroy it.

63 F degrees outside means we can play in our ballpit!

Completed over 15 hrs of hard work!  Way to go!

The elevator on the left goes up and down and everything!  So many thoughtful details!  I love Lego!

Oh that heartbreaking smile!  He started this in the last few days of lining up cars on chair or couch arms.  And laying down on his tummy to play.

So many cars.

Justin's display of Imperial Forces.  Kylo Ren, Tie Fighter and guys, and Captain Phasma.  He'll aid the AT-ST walker in the coming week.  Plus he has that Po Dameron X-wing set from last year.  Quite the collector!

Nothing better than Lego mini figures, is there?

You can't do much rebuilding and reconfiguring with these sets.  They are more like technic sets with very special pieces.  But they look cool.

And they can shoot stuff.


And finally, the long awaited for Grand Hotel set rests in it's prepared spot on Keturah's dresser.  I think I'll be buying a new cookie sheet since she stole this one, lol.  Gorgeous set, as always, Lego!

I found these photos on my phone from the last few days.  Jared and I have this debate going on with this footwear.  Shoes or sandals?  I say sandals.  He says closed toe shoes.

Yum, when did I get replaced in the front seat?  And when did my baby get so big?  On our way to Grandma's house, and Abishai can tell when we are in their neighborhood and he starts getting excited.

Cousins at church on Christmas Eve.

I want to join the big kids!  Although, he really didn't sit through any of the service.  But he looks cute!

Abishai joined me at my desk this morning with his cars.  He called the white one, "Mama," the truck was "dada," and the red emergency vehicle was "wawa" probably because of the blue on the top.
Like I said, way too warm for December 26th.

Doors wide open on Boxing Day (which is only observed in Britain and the Commonwealth States like Canada).

A highlight of my day was being able to wear my new t-shirt without covering it up with a sweatshirt.  Stephen Amell does not benefit from this campaign.  And those numbers were doubled during this year's campaign.  I bought in honor of my mom, but also because it does have Stephen Amell's name (but not his face, thank goodness) on it, with an arrow, so I'm doing my fangirling thing.  If you didn't know, the DC Comics show "Arrow" on the CW is one of my favorite TV show right now and Stephen Amell is one of my favorite actors.  I'm glad I got a bigger size, too, because they run really small.  And.....

Today was a big end of year sale for Lilla Rose, so I was able to get the Arrow Flexiclips in several sizes (and some other things to restock my inventory) for a big discount.  Then I received this email less than 8 hrs after I ordered saying they are on their way!  I should receive it within 3 days!

I was going through videos I was checking on a CD so I let the kids watch them.  Abishai tends to respond to things we have said in the videos like "Say thank you" and he'll do the action.  Or I think he was trying to blow on the screen when the video of him blowing on the fire came up.

Ok, now I'm caught up on posts.  Tomorrow will be more of the same, or we'll go out to mail things, or I'll clean up something.  But for now, good night!

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