Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 354: Rogues

Since Jared wasn't feeling great, I got to go to see Rogue One instead of him.  It was awesome!  The B man made fun of it with his friend, although he had some fan boy moments.  The 2nd born only wanted to talk about how all the cool new technology was, like in the AT-ST.  Then you have the Grandpa Johnson who has no clue what's what in the Star Wars universe.  He knows the basics, but didn't understand where this movie fit in and why and how.  I'm not sure how Moana went since Keturah was asleep when we got home.

So, let's back up now to the beginning of the day.  Keturah and I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning when we were out doing errands.  She says that Dunkin's donuts taste the same as Tim's.  But nothing beats an OREO hot chocolate she says!  She couldn't finish it, so she gave the rest of the hot chocolate to Justin, and we bought another donut just for him.  I had a hot chocolate with a raspberry shot, just like I would have at Tim's.  No coffee since I had already had my morning coffee.  No need to be too jazzed up for the day.

Meanwhile, Jared was home with the boys.  He sent me pictures of Abishai snuggling in our bed because Abishai woke up with a fever and snotty nose, again!  And Justin spent the whole movie blowing his nose as well.  Snot! I hope the rest of us don't get it just in time for Christmas.  So, Abishai was super clingy and didn't sleep well and I didn't get nearly enough done that I had planned and then I was out all evening.  So I guess I'll catch up tomorrow, per usual.

"The Country Runs on Dunkins'!"

Jared tucked the blanket in around Abishai, but Abishai was this pitiful again today.

Jared said Abishai reached for his blue doggie that plays a song, mumbled, and pulled it in close and fell back asleep.

Sweet sick baby.

Sad baby.

Jared enjoyed some fun with ice while out on the roads today.  I can just hear his tires spinning (usually on purpose) in my head!

Can you guess what's in our mashed potatoes? Cheddar cheese, bacon bits, salt and pepper, milk and potatoes.  Yum!

Somebody likes to make things easy and buy Christmas gifts off of Amazon!

On our way to Rogue One!  Justin thought of his costume all by himself, including turning his t-shirt around so that he was ll in black to play Darth Vader.  The hat Gary is wearing came from a white elephant gift exchange he and Leah went to.  And yes, he wore it to the theater and during the movie.

My turn wearing the silly hat.

HUGE theater, IMAX, 3D.  Wow!  Pretty nifty!

Abishai saw a "foo-foo" on the Christmas tree, so I got it down for him.  He first put it on the table and drove it across the table.  But then he turned around and used it on the piano.  Interesting use of a Christmas ornament!

This little guy might have been sick today but he still ate a ton of food.  He also makes the cutest Darth Vader there is!  Like seriously, he doesn't mind having a mask on his head!

"Luke, I am your father!"

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