Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week 2, Day 76: PJ day!

Ah, the middles and I favorite kind of day: pj day!  We didn't go anywhere!  The kids didn't even go outside because it was cooler and rainy.  Jared left really early for Texas with his dad and will return late Saturday/early Sunday.  We are going to Brickworld, aka everything Lego event at the state fairgrounds tomorrow, so we needed to take it easy today anyway.  And yet again, I took it too slow in the morning and felt the crush come 5 pm that I didn't do much.  But that's the whole point, to NOT rush through our day.  The kids did their homework at their leisure and everything else in between and I didn't have to nag because if they wanted to go read a book in between subjects, then so be it.  I was able to just lay down with Abishai and watch him play several times.  I guess you would call that our sabbath for the week.

We did hear from the bank today that is the one "selling" the house we want and they weren't quite ready to give an answer.  More paperwork I think.  I don't know.  Still waiting and seeing.  But I'm dealing with a ton of different emotions dealing with "Wow, we are buying a house and really settling permanently here again.  Do I really want that?  Can we really afford this house?  Is it too far out of town?  Are we selfish for wanting something bigger?  Will I feel the pressure to get rid of stuff if I'm not stepping on it daily?"  Remember, this is only the 2nd house we've ever bought.  And before that, the only time I remember moving as a kid was when I was 5 1/2 years old.  So, it's still so confusing and I'm second guessing our decisions, etc.  And then the rest of my issues coming crashing in my negative talk and I crash and burn.  So, today I worked on recovering and reframing and just taking it easy and seeing where the bank lands on all this.  It's hard to explain, and it isn't just buying a house.  I'm glad I have emotions though.  It means I'm human.

So, back to the kids.  Well, the pictures will tell more.  The only big thing is that Abishai was deathly afraid of the bathtub!  Jared had given him a bath over a week ago and I guess it freaked him out because that evening Abishai was exhausted and it needed to be a quick one.  Tonight, he literally screamed at the top of his lungs like I was hurting him or something.  I tried singing and rubbing gently, but worked as fast I could because the boy just needed a bath!  Thankfully, he calmed down a few minutes after getting out.  Very, very strange.  I don't remember the other kids acting like that about baths at the age.  Maybe as newborns, but after a few months, water is all fun and games.

Poor Justin.  I was trying to encourage Justin to come play with Abishai and when he didn't come, I dragged him off the chair and down the hallway which gave him a real rug burn, including some blood!  Whoops!  It's a bit tender, but maybe he'll not be so lazy next time.  I so did not mean to hurt him like that!  We laughed when I was dragging him and afterwards, too.

I'm mostly glad my brother didn't mind that my boys have enjoyed playing with his cars, trucks and micro machines that were saved from our childhood.  These micro machines probably have gotten more use now than they did when we grew up!  They were really my dad's and he didn't let us play with them without supervision.  I'm still careful with them and they are in great shape.  But they are also well loved by little hands.

I asked Justin to get the camera so I wouldn't have to step over the micro machines in the hallway again and he randomly took a picture of me folding laundry.  I let him because, hey, why not!  I'm never in pictures and this is what I do most days.  I still look bigger than I feel most days.  Oh well.  I'm glad he captured an ordinary moment.  I NEED to take more pictures of myself with the kids.  Jared and I are not into selfies, but I think it would be wise to make an effort at doing some for our children to see someday.

Baby hands and big boy hands playing together.  Justin has always had the longest features (toes, hands, feet, lanky arms and legs) of all the kids.  His long fingers but petite hands are great for piano, basketball, or tinkering, and he does all three!

There's a couple of matchbox cars in there, but we have a lot of special micro machines, too, including buses, gold ones, racing ones, ones with doors that open, tanks, construction vehicles, and two fire trucks.

I'm so glad our almost 12 year old still acts like a very naive, innocent, goofy kid.  (Rather than having to deal with peer pressures about having a girlfriend or having sex or looking at porn or getting into drugs/alcohol, etc.)  One reason we homeschool is so that the kids are partly sheltered and they don't have to grow up too quickly.  I was in the other room and I hear some sliding around in the bathtub.  I go in there, and this is how I found Justin.  With his shorts on just rolling a ball around just because he can.  I love it! 

Speaking of bathroom, Abishai was messing around with the toddler potty and took out the container (it was clean) that catches things.  He figured he could use it to carry his micro machines instead.  Ok, then!

Ah, we had all the time in the world today, so the kids came up with some creative play.  They covered the foldable basketball net with a sheet like a tent and said they wanted to do history lessons under there, TOGETHER.  When the kids don't have the outside pressures of going places and doing things, they are much more willing to work together, learn together, and be creative.  Kids need space in their schedules for this.

I see 3 sets of legs under there!  Justin lifted the whole contraption to let Keturah in, then Abishai scooted underneath for a second, before Justin lowered the contraption back down.  It was a piece of art!

"Ting, Ting! I'm going to get you with my laser gun!" 
Uh, Justin, you've overdone it on the xylitol.  Whoops!

"Mom, I said come sit with me!  I didn't say get the camera and take a picture!"

Goofball put peppers in his cereal bowl this morning.

He's almost 12 and he's sitting in the bathtub with his shorts on.  Goof.

Abishai loves watching one of the vloggers I follow because they have two very active cats that they like to show off (they unfortunately don't have any kids, yet).  Abishai also likes the vloggers who have two little kids, too.

I "explored" the town of New Palestine virtually to see where I would shop if I needed something quickly.  And, I realized, I have everything I need.  I have McDonald's for a quick snack.  I have CVS for medications and a lot of household stuff in a pinch like milk, diapers, snacks, pop, etc.  There's a library of course and parks.  Oh, and a Speedway gas station.  What else do you need?  And all within 5 minutes of the house we are looking at.  Oh, and Frosty Boy (ice cream) that is famous in this area for having great treats.  And after a few comments by some friends today on Facebook, I've realized that not everyone lives in Greenwood (which is 30 minutes from New Pal) and I'm not that far away from where we've been shopping (20 minutes max) and I'm sure there are homeschool groups and small groups in this area/county.  I'll find my niche.  Plus, it is "out in the country" which was one of my goals.  So, thinking positively on my end helps to stop the second guessing.

Tonight he put the "pee pot" upside down on his head as a hat.  Of course he did.  Because he's Abishai.  Oh, and when I went out the door to get the mail, he loudly proclaimed, "Daddy!" thinking Daddy had come in the door.  He was in the kitchen at the time and couldn't see the door.  Nope, sorry, no Daddy.  He said it again when I came back in.  Poor fellow.  He really needs to see his Daddy every day!  He's got Daddy wrapped around his little finger for sure. (or is it the other way, aka Abishai is wrapped around Jared's finger..)  Anyway, he's cute and irresistible every single day.

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