Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Year 2, Day 87: Another Great Day!

Some might think that a great day, or a fun day, would mean going out and doing "stuff" all day.  That's not true for us.  A great day for us is being able to stay home, do our bookwork at our leisure, taking a 1 hr recess, spending as much time as Mommy wants us to on history (or little time!), having just enough screen time, and THEN going out for activities in the evening.  And that's what we did today.  I just love how Keturah and Justin like to stay home.  I have asked numerous times if they want to go out and do something or if they want to play a board game with me and they often say no thanks.  Both of them got started on their work right away this morning after breakfast without being told.  Poor Justin had trouble again today because he had to blow his nose numerous times during each math problem or chapter he was reading.  I finally gave him a 24 hr allergy pill and it seemed to slow his nose down a bit.

And Abishai makes every day, great days or bad days, a better day.  He is faster than Lightning McQueen and barely makes a pit stop to eat.  Thankfully his naps are still pretty long.  Tonight at church, he was running so fast, I had to a jog to catch up to him before he went from Kidustrial Park all the way down the ramp to the East Hall.  He makes lap after lap after lap.  Some laps included a white laundry basket on his head, or he put his blankie and paci in it to carry around.  He also used his sippy cup as a soccer ball!  Thank goodness Gerber brand is TOUGH stuff!  I've had their sippy cups, their utensils, and their small bowls with lids for 14 years and they are still hanging on strong.  (Unlike those nasty sippy cups with the straws that mold even when they've been cleaned out well).

At recess time, he listened well, and when he saw or I told him that a car was coming, he pedaled his bike up into the grass from the street we were on without being told!  He recognized the danger!  Yeah!  And we got to hear and see the big ladder fire truck while we were outside.  We were still outside when it finished it's run, so I waved to it and yes, they did honk their horn at Abishai!  Sweet!  Keturah got the bubbles out which was fun, and Abishai got the chalk out.  Keturah left Daddy some drawings on the garage floor (that I had just swept, thank goodness).  Abishai even got to meet the little yappy dogs because they came running out their back door.  They licked at Abishai's hands and Abishai didn't mind it.  Their owners were grumpy though.

Benaiah scored a (not full sized) keyboard at church tonight that they were using as a prop and is going to see if he can fix it up.  He did ask me to find the piano books, which might take a bit though.  Besides he and Justin should be studying their Bible Bowl material in preparation for Saturday with every spare chance they get.  Jared and I may tag team that so that I can do a Hop and Shop event in the morning with the two younger ones.

I told Abishai we were going outside and he nearly screamed "Bice! Bice!"  He loves his bike!

Keturah drew a big circle where Daddy's truck should go.

She practiced her cursive in chalk!  I won't let her try new letters without me being around though, because even when I did watch the boys do their penmanship, their handwriting still has many issues.  These are very lovely letters though!

Chasing bubbles!  I'm so glad Abishai is a bit older this year and can do these cute toddler things.  And yes, I did hear a lawn mower out there today because look at all that bright green grass!

A boy and his sticks!

Look, Justin, at the bright green helmet and jacket the biker is wearing! 

Today's car line up brought to you by Abishai, who gets very upset if you try to mess with any of his cars.

I told the kids I would be with them within 5 minutes.  20 minutes later (because Mom got distracted), I get over to the school table and find this.  A wall of cups with Justin hiding behind them.  Oops.  At least he was creative while he waited for me! 

Keturah set up her Barbies in her school area while she waited for me.
Oh, weatherwise, every day seems to get a bit warmer and we are hovering in the 55-60 degree F mark.  Mostly clear days, with a day or two here and there of rain.  It doesn't look like we'll get any more snow this year.  I'm sorely disappointed to say the least.  We'll have to make plans over the next 16 years when Abishai is under our roof, to make an effort to go to Michigan to go skiing and see the lake effect snow, not the fake stuff at Perfect North or other ski places in Indiana.  Anyway, happy spring!

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