Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Year 2, Day 88: Catch Up Time

Yup, I knew I'd hit a snag this week.  I tried to get into the taxes this morning, and started to feel overwhelmed again.  I just wish I could stay up to date on the business side of life so I can really enjoy actually spending time with the kids instead of choosing to play one day and work another day.  But, this isn't a daycare, this is home where Mom where's numerous hats, and I just have to be content that I'm doing enough and God got the rest.

I just can't wait to really settle in to a new house, where it really is ours for the long haul so I can set it up with better routines and permanent places for things like files and Christmas wrapping I'm still kicking at near my desk because why move it now when it will be moved again in less than 2 months?  I can't wait to unbox everything, and over time, rehome everything into pretty spaces.  Ok, maybe not everything, I probably will purge again at some point.  Point is, I have a lot of dreams, but no physical stamina.  I have to choose the very best to focus on and forget the rest that everybody else seems to be able to get done in any given week.  Completely frustrating to a doer like me.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, yup, life was pretty much the same today as the rest of the week.  If I can get moving a little faster tomorrow, I'll give the indoor playground space at that church a call to see if it's open and head over there with the kids to check it out. And we have to get to the library again because we have more books to pick up!  Oh, I do have to say, after my frustrating morning, I was on the edge of blowing up, the kids sensed it and backed off and were very obedient this afternoon.  Yeah!  That was very helpful in calming me down, at least for our lessons together.  We had a decent dinner and playtime aftewards.  But boy did it rain like crazy!  A few weather warnings, too.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

We got a letter from our sponsor girl last week!  We have a girl from Kenya, that is about Keturah's age.  We haven't written as often as we should, but we have done it a couple of times.  Just look at how great her handwriting has become!  Sweet!

Postage from Kenya!

We were greeted with this fun bug inside the house today.  Yuck!  Justin got one of Abishai's sticks and was able to get the bug to crawl onto it and then just throw the bug and stick over the porch railing.

Math time! Geometric shapes brought to you by a very old toy from the Howells.

I made sure Keturah knew that an Egyptian pyramid had 4 sides and a square base.  I know it has a particular name, and so does a three sided pyramid.

Pretty pattern!

Abishai was actually afraid of the storms!  Every time he heard a big roll of thunder, he would come running to us prancing and scared.  But he doesn't mind watching the wawee washing the cars.  "Wawee, wash, vroom!" he said many times over.  He's fascinated with how the rain seems to wash everything, like the houses and grass and trees.

Wow, scary fast clouds!  But we didn't have that much thunder and lightning.  Soon the sky was all the same shade of gray and it rained and rained.

These clouds were between the downpours today.

Keturah is still light enough and small enough for Daddy to pick up.

She, and I, were a tad scared when Daddy got close to the railing.  I literally shake when we are close to edges when we are high off the ground.

Abishai on his "throne" made by Daddy's arms, just watching the rain and the vrooms getting washed.

Awww, this is the life, watching the rain.  The simplest things bring the greatest pleasure to wee ones.  Why do we have to grow up and ignore the simplest things and focus on the complicated things?  We all need to enjoy a good thunderstorm once in a while!

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