Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Year 2, Day 66: New Adventures!

We didn't make any progress in the house hunting adventure, but we did have some fun at a Lego store event and at the Castleton Mall!  Normal day otherwise with school, some groaning, some learning about Egypt, a little food, and lots of goofing off.

Making his special markers that only color on special paper line up all neat in a row.

I think Keturah showed him how, but Abishai thought it was hilarious to play the piano with his rear today.  Keturah was laghing hysterically.

Lego Mini Build (which I didn't take a picture of what they built which was a platypus!) was pretty neat.  We had to register ahead of time, but I think it was fun and worth it.  We spent tons of time looking at different Lego sets.  There was a Lego store employee putting together a big Lego set for display.  They have lots of different events like talks about Technic and minifigure swaps.  The kids even got little passport booklets to keep track of what events they went to and if they go to other stores.  I almost bought this Lego Batman mask because I'm pretty sure Abishai might have used it.  It's awesome!

We made note of all our favorite sets for future birthdays and Christmases.  Like this amusement park set that has some track pieces for a roller coaster!

Can you make out the words?  Yes! It's "Knight Rider" from the 80's!  The car that talks and drives by itself called K.I.T.T.!  I loved that show and MacGyver!  Neat!  This is for the special Lego Dimensions game we have.  They also had a whole other huge set to replace some of the big parts of the game for a Lego Batman movie story line.

Even the youngest loves to build!

Justin and Keturah building their platypuses.

This Duplo train matches the Duplo game I have on the tablet perfectly!  Maybe for Abishai someday!

No way!  Yes way!  They had a Duplo Batman set!  So cool!

Benaiah's turn being Batman.

Let's touch all the Lego bins full of germs.  Ah!  Abishai did put his hand in each bin going down the row though.

Keturah's turn!  And we also went to a Think Geek store and geeked out!  It's the brick and mortar version of an online store that I've actually bought stuff from.  It was AWESOME!

A special build of a Lego kitty!

Here's a vroom!  And here's a vroom! And there's a vroom!  Everywhere there's a vroom!

I'm assuming Jared built this tower when he was playing with Abishai at the Duplo table.

Looking at the Duplo sets.

The Castleton Square Mall has a nice food court with this indoor playground.  We stayed and played there for over an hour!  Justin even made a friend, lol!  Keturah, the pretty one, just sitting on a log here.

"I sit! I sit!"  Abishai took possession of this airplane and would not get out of it to save his life!  It was his and no one was going to take over.  I guess when you are the baby you have to push your way to the front and to get what you want and once you get it, you have to fight to keep it.


"Is anyone out there? Just checking! It's still all mine!"

At the Think Geek store they had these huge life size mannequins that cost $1,200 for sale.  No thank you, but they looked cool!

Brothers playing with little guy.

Keturah just sitting on the log, again.

And she's sitting on the log again!

This time Abishai and Justin were playing with the log, but Keturah is still on top.

Cute baby in a log.

Benaiah wanted to make sure he had time with the Play Station 4 over the spring break so I asked him to put reminders in my phone as an "event."  This is what he came up with: "Blanaba (Benaiah) ps4 (play station 4) rental (time with the ps4) Meme house (Grandpa's house)."

And this one: "Blanuble (Benaiah) station of the play edition 4.  PREACH (preacher's house?)"  And check out those times!  They don't really have any meaning.   I told him that he better not put an alarm on these events that go off at 4:10 am or something.  Point is, never hand your teenager your phone unless you are willing to deal with their "brains are uploading (stuck at 50%)" crazy talk and actions.  I have heard that kids' brains get rewired during puberty and I don't think all the connections are remade until well into their 20's.  So, that's why I say Benaiah's brain is only 50% re established, lol.  Although he didn't notice how people were acting in the mall and he recognized that some of it was wrong.   So, maybe it's like 75% reloaded, lol.  And poor Justin exclaimed today, "Being a preteen is the worst feeling/time of my life!"  He is trying to be a good boy, but he's got all these new feelings and thoughts and has no clue how to deal with him.  He is so sensitive that yes, he does cry about it.  I say that not to embarrass him but to compliment him.  He's so smart and he recognizes what Benaiah has already gone through and wants to do his best not to repeat Benaiah's mistakes but doesn't know how, poor thing.

Anyway, both Justin and Keturah lost teeth today.  Hopefully this is Justin's last baby tooth.  We have to keep an eye on Keturah's gums and new tooth because the baby tooth she lost came out in pieces.  And now I can't find the pieces.  She put them on my keyboard and in my hurry this afternoon, I think I knocked them off somewhere.  We looked all over my desk area and can't find them.  So, on that front, pray that all the pieces did come out that needed to come out, came out and that what we do see is her new tooth emerging.  If not, we will definitely be calling the dentist in the next day or two.

Benaiah said he got an A- on his English test!  And he's not so fond of his geography teacher and how she gives him not grace on his assignments or tests.  I keep reminding him that even when he doesn't like how an adult is handling a situation or class, that a) you have to shut up and put up a lot of the time and b) you will encounter many more people you don't agree with in college and the workplace.  No school or job or group of friends will fit you perfectly.

So, we had a great time together at the mall especially, something we haven't done in years!  And we ate there, but cheaply thanks to some "have one on us" Chick Fil A coupons.  Score!

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