Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Year 2, Day 74: The Curse of Email

Ok, ok, we don't do curses over here, but it's been a frustrating couple of days with my primary email account. Everything transferred over to my new phone, but I needed to put in passwords for certain apps.  Well, I couldn't remember my mail password of course.  So I tried to reset it, then locked myself out of the system.  Then I exchanged emails multiple times with mail.com servers.  Well, I just went on autopilot when I got home from Bible Bowl and hit the automatic sign in for my email account and bam, it signed me in!  So I dropped everything and quickly cleaned my email in box (over 300 emails) before it disappeared.  I'll try to log in on my phone later when I'm ready for more messes.  Crazy!  I thought I had reset the password but then it took the automaticly saved one?  Well, I survived, but it's the email I've had for over 16 or 17 years, so everything goes there.  I'm super glad I had my back up email with my gmail.com account.  Now that that's over, I can move on.  Phew!

We had a different sort of day today because a friend of Justin's came over this afternoon and is spending the night.  So instead of school this afternoon, I focused on taxes (Canadian taxes are so much easier than US taxes!), and I put a few things away in the school area prepping for the move, because it will happen eventually in the next two months regardless of what house we purchase, so I might as well start on some things.  All this means, I felt physically better today!  Yeah!

Abishai started the day off a little rough, coughing up phlegm because his (and my) nose has been running a bit in the last couple of days.  But he immediately wanted to eat a normal breakfast and away he went for the day. He can say "Eeee" for Benaiah's best friend Ethan and "Byce" for Bryce, Justin's friend.  Oh, and he wants to pat our backs when he hugs us.  And when I went to change his diaper this afternoon, he grabbed my left arm and brought it to his chest to hug and snuggle it.  He didn't nurse this morning because he threw up the phlegm.  We've started an every other day pattern now with nursing, so it will be soon that we'll be done with that.  But we made it 25 months and counting!

Keturah worked on her history project today, and also some pyramids and King Tut's mask that she asked me to make copies off so she could make/color them in.  We also discovered that she and Mom need to take a trip to the store for a special daughter/mom moment or two because she's, um, growing up!  Let's just say that a certain Punky Brewster episode comes to mind when Henry takes Punky to a certain area in a department store to get certain garments because she was getting older.  Keturah's going to be 9 this June, so I guess it's time!

Justin worked hard this morning so he would be ready to spend time with his friend this afternoon.  They played video games, Legos, and Pokemon of course.  We even got to take his friend to Bible Bowl practice this evening and Bryce earned some "Bible Bucks" and got some Pokemon cards from the prize bucket!  And I think, at 10:30pm, they finally fell asleep.  Boys and sleepovers....they talk and yes, giggle, forever!

Benaiah told us today that he actually shared something with his Bible class today that he learned in homeschool about Josephus!  What?! You actually learned something in homeschool?!  Hot dog!  The class was to "convince" the teacher that Creationism is truth and theistic evolution is not.  The teacher was playing the role of the evolutionist/non Christian.  I didn't remember this, but Benaiah remembers Josephus as being a non believer that said something like if Christianity has not died off by now (in Roman times), then maybe there's some truth to it!  Or something like that.  I can't remember!  Benaiah was also telling us how they were making a _____ball table in shop by putting two other tables together.  He said his friend and him made an assembly line and the work went much faster.  And he also admitted today that it's hard to keep up with 7 classes when he only had 4 to do in homeschool.  In reality, several "classes" were combined, like literature and history were together and Bible and composition, Math, and Science.  Foreign language never worked for us.  And his 7th period classes so far, drama and shop, were incorporated in extracurricular activities.  And we just have a different approach.  I certainly could have made him study for a test, but I wanted to let him read and learn for life, not just spit it out for a test.  And he did learn.  Because how else would he have been ready for 9th grade at another school?  Anyway, getting that pat on the back is nice.

Meanwhile, we are still in the hunt for our next house and haven't heard anything back from the one we are currently going after.  They asked for a little more time and more paperwork.  Fun.

The next few days are going to get busy because Jared will be going to Texas with e2, we are going to another Lego event this weekend, plus normal school and appointments.  Should be crazy fun!

I didn't know if I had shared a pictures of this yet, but this is the ruler we bought at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis with the Egyptian hieroglyphics on it.

Justin's very first poster board project that he made almost entirely by himself!  I helped with the internet search for facts and pictures, but he put it altogether himself, including hand drawing the background.  The black and white border is meant to represent the measuring sticks that archaeologists use.

The African Burial Ground that was found when construction was being done in New York City.

Little brother wanted to do what big brother's friend was doing...reading about Pokemon.

Hm,...should I touch this?  Well, maybe a little.

Abishai insisted on bringing this book to church with him tonight.  So he did.  Johnsons don't say no to books.

Keturah demonstrating how big the cushions are on the chairs in Daddy's office and how she can't reach the floor.

Snack/dinner time with Daddy in his office.

A friend handmade this sword holder by special request.  Very cool!

Daddy, it's time to go home!  Yes, Abishai dragged Jared's coat and wallet over to him.

Huge setting moon the other night!
Oh, and it is soooooo nice to go to church, play on my phone, and come home and only lose 10% of my battery!  Wowzers!  What a difference!

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