Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, March 24, 2017

Year 2, Day 82: Blessings

Oh my goodness! What a first day at the Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE) annual homeschool convetion!  From dynamic speakers, to connecting with fellow homeschoolers, younger and older, to seeing rows and rows and rows of all kinds of curricula!  Phew!  I'm glad I actually don't need to purchase anything because I wouldn't know what to purchase!  It's highly encouraged to buy at the event to support the vendors, so I might buy a couple of goodies tomorrow.  But wow!  I decided to skip most of the workshops and focused mainly on the mentoring booth and surveying the rest the booths.  I like to know what's out there in case others come to me with a need.  The mentoring booth is a brand new booth where we've been gathering information so we can start up some face to face groups where parents (probably mostly moms) will be able to come and just talk about whatever homeschool related (sometimes parenting goes in with that) thing needs to be addressed, kind of like the monthly meetings we had on the Island that was just for the moms in the evening.  It's different than a co op because we aren't actually educating the children at that point.  It's like a Bible study, but for homeschoolers.  Anyway, there was definitely some interest!  Plus, we were able to help numerous people, some just looking into homeschooling for the first time and some that are in the deep trenches of the journey and ready to burn out, right there on the spot!  I can't wait to help more moms (and dads) tomorrow!

One of the biggest God moments today was when a woman my age, who has very young kids, came up to the booth.  I asked her where she was from (because we were getting information on where the interest was coming from), and she said the southeast side of Indy!  She asked where I went to church (or did I ask her?) and we both go to the Creek!  Fascinating!  She's been looking and wondering why there isn't a homeschool group that meets or is sponsored through the Creek, and I didn't know the answer.  I think the older moms and I went on to do their own thing with other groups.  So we chatted, and I was just thinking the other day, how perfect our hopefully new house will be to hold a homeschool playgroup (or small group or Bible study) so that moms can can just chat!  So we exchanged information and will hopefully connect.  I'm not saying we will do it through the Creek directly, because I would love for it to be open like ours was on the Island, but, how cool is that!  She's been praying that she would connect with someone today!

You may or may not understand my excitement, but homeschooling is one of the biggest part of our lives and it isn't just about the academics.  Homeschoolers are parents, so a lot of it is character building, practical learning (like cooking), social training, etc.  It's a lifestyle, not just a curriculum or a 8-3 5 days a week program.  Homeschooling IS our life.  So, it feels very good to be able to connect with others on the same level.  I've missed having those conversations with my PEI friends, where I learned so much from my mentors and friends there.  I wouldn't know about all the methods and tips and training if it weren't for them.  So, I'm missing them and wish I could fly them all out here to join me.

Meanwhile, everyone survived just fine at home.  I left a list of things for the middles to do, but of course they didn't see it when they picked up the tablet for Gpa class this afternoon.  Jared was still so tired that he slept away the whole afternoon while Abishai slept!  Poor Justin was still so exhausted so he was sent to bed before I got home because he didn't even want to eat dinner.  He'll have to do his tomorrow.  Abishai was all over the place happy when I came home, but mad I was gone all day, too.  He was super clingy before I left and still clingy when I got back.  He wanted me near him while he played.  Benaiah slept a good part of the day away as well.  And this is why I didn't take them all to the conference, although, I did technically pay for them to be able to go.  It was very cheap for all of us attend (cheaper than most Michael W. Smith concerst!), so I don't mind.  I liked having the day to myself.

But now, I'm exhausted and I have to do it again tomorrow, and church and baby dedication on Sunday, and co op on Monday.  Then I can rest.  Phew!

A high of 70? I said, wow, that's hot!  I must have been to Canada and back if I think 70 is considered hot!  Lol.

Everybody's favorite math teacher, Mr. Steve Demme!

Heidi St. John, homeschooling mom with an awesome podcast that is relevant to today's culture.

Some homeschooled boy gave Heidi St. John these clay figures he made after hearing her speak a year earlier.  The man in the front with the shield (which says St. John on it) represents the dad shielding the mom as she teaches the kids.  The mom has her quiver full, with on in the bow ready to launch.  Heidi likened the tension on the bow right before you launch the arrow to the tension teens sometime give before they are launched.  I love it!

This is a new game that is a mix of Risk and the Magic card game found in comic book stores.  A homeschool grad had to do an essay on a game or something in college from which he developed this game!  It's all historical figures with lots of history facts on the card.  Cool!

I took a couple of photos for the mom with young kids because she was looking for curriculum dealing with habit and character training.

Sounds awesome!  Charlotte Mason style!

Mark Hamby had many true stories in his almost 40 years of homeschooling to share with us.

Grace based parenting.  1,000 times grace given vs. 4 times condemnation given.

One side of the exhibit hall.

And the other side of the exhibit hall.  Remember, this exact same exhibit hall was filled with Lego buildings and vendors just 1 week ago.

Solidly carved wooden weapons.

Another look at the game from earlier.
Oh, and I got to personally thank the guy in the videos from Covenant Eyes for his excellent advice and step by step guide on how to lock down certain apps on any device.  Woot!  Woot!

Falling asleep now...must get off quickly!  But one more gem before I go.  This one was for Keturah.

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