Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Year 2, Day 61: Did We Find "The One?"

House hunting day!  And it was a whirlwind trip with 5 properties seen all over the southeast side of Indianapolis in 5 hours!  Thank goodness Abishai went to see Grandma for the morning and Benaiah was in school.  I loved having the middles with us, but if I had any more voices and opinions being thrown around, well, it wouldn't have been pretty.  Actually, it was a very pleasant experience!  We prayed for clarity, and our prayers were answered!  We need to act fast on whatever property we do choose, because the housing market here is ridiculously fast!  I mean, houses are listed one day and sold the next!  And that's not just the ones we prefer, but ones also in the subdivisions as well, that would be in our price range.  We do have a lower income and a lower price range than most, and we are very ok with that.  So our choices are limited.  Do we get one that is big but needs a lot of cosmetic work?  Or do we get one that looks pretty and is solid, but is small?  Or do we get the one that may or may not have structural issues but has a playground and playhouse in the backyard (and an awesome mudroom!)  Or do we get the one that is average all around?  Well, we aren't 100% committed to anything just yet, so just keep praying for all the next steps.

But I'm having the kids work on paint colors and I think I'll let Miss Interior Design work her magic on her room as to how she wants to set it up.  We will hopefully be putting Abishai in the boys' room with this move.  That will keep their minds busy for awhile while we make the necessary decisions and paperwork.

And it was fun!  Jared even said with a very big smile on his face, "I'm nesting with you!"  Why, yes, you are! And then, oh my goodness, THEN, Justin goes up to one house and asks, "What's this? A TORCH HOLDER?"  Say what?! Are we in the Middle Ages?  Or do you just play too much Minecraft?  It was not a torch holder but a FLAG holder!!!!  What a goof!  And then we went to this one property that was obviously an old church, turned daycare, and we all had a great time discovering just how wrong it was for us.  It was very old and would need to be stripped to the studs.  I hope that some art gallery buys it or something.  Plus it was 30 minutes away from most of our activities and friends.  But it was a fun way to end the house hunting portion of the day.

We finished the day with some schoolwork, playtimes, and leftovers for dinner.  I'm so glad tomorrow is another home day before we head off to the Bible Bowl tournament on Saturday.  Phew!

"Bice!" hanging out on the windowsill at Grandma's house.

Everybody has their own parking spot!
Look!  I built a tower for my wa-we!  Ta-da!
"I sit!" "Nom nom!"  The King on his throne with his french fries.  He was NOT happy when we transferred him to his chair in the backseat.  Total meltdown, although he did calm down a little when we gave him his own fry box.
This was at the big, unusable "house" 30 minutes away.  It was hard to imagine it was safe enough for a daycare.  Justin is hiding under the stairwell, which does have an entrance on both sides.  There was another staircase just like it, but the underside was for storage.  But there was exposed wiring, no burners on the stove in the upstairs "apartment," exposed plumbing, very outdated and hanging off their hinges kitchen cabinet doors, random trash, a little stage complete with a screen for movies or overhead projectors, etc.  Not the "house" for us.  Lol.  But fun to run through, none the less.  Stay tuned as the house hunting progresses.

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  1. Praying that God gives you clarity to the sound and perfect home He has for you. I'm praying He gives you the one that you will delight "making home" for your beautiful family in! Blessings!! How exciting!