Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, March 20, 2017

Year 2, Day 78: Time to Get Stuff Done

It was a different, but full day.  We went to church this morning instead of on a Saturday night so we could go with Jared.  He got home after 1 am though, so he took a nap this afternoon.  On the way home from church, we drove up to New Palestine to see how long it would take to get to the potential new house: 15 minutes!  Keturah keeps asking if we are going to get this house because she really wants a house with a fountain!  I also asked her if she had done any planning in her head of what her new room will look and yes, she has!  She has a color picked out, and talked about where her headboard should be and how she'll use the closet and drawers that are built into the wall, etc.  You go girl!  We stopped at the McD's in New Pal, too, because we were heading to get groceries on the way home.  The Aldi's on Washington St. is only 15 minutes away, too.  Sadly, the Family Christian Bookstore franchises are closing, so it was kind of weird seeing their big "closing sale" signs today (they are next door to Aldi's).  We got home, put away groceries, went down for naps and screen time.  Then Keturah and I set off back to church for her choir rehearsal.  It was sooooo quiet because the youth group had the night off because of the special "Love the City" local service week this week.  I brought my computer and tried to work on taxes and finished listening to this week's podcasts.  Meanwhile, Jared had a great nap and had an awesome tickle fight with the boys.  And as always, it was take and bake fresh pizza from Aldi's for dinner!  It doesn't fit in my fridge, so we have to cook it as soon as we get home.  Quick easy supper!

This week will be busy for some and super quiet for others.  Keturah is going to be gone all day tomorrow at her new friend's Sarah's house!  I'm super excited for her to have a playdate with her new friend because she honestly hasn't had many friends yet.  And that's partly because there's been no girls her age in our social group.  Sarah is the oldest of 4 and from a very lovely family I have seen around Indian Creek for many years but haven't gotten to know much about yet.  I'm hoping we are able to get to know each other better through our daughters' friendship.  So, tomorrow, it will be little man and I all by ourselves, whatever shall we do?  Then I think I'll take Keturah and Abishai to an indoor playground at some point this week.  And of course I get to have some big me time on Friday and Saturday.  I can't wait to hear all about the boys' adventures serving ministries in our city as well as how much fun they have at Skyzone and Pacers' game and a lock in at church for the high schoolers only.  I remember lock ins at church very well.  We had chairs in the sanctuary that you could move around and make into beds.  We played hide and seek in the dark.  We watched movies, ate chips and popcorn, and drank soda (pop).  Great times!  Can't wait to hear all about it!

I also worked on cleaning up all the various memory cards for my camera and phone so now those are up to date.  Here's a few shots from today.

I heard the clinky clacky of dishes in the dishwasher and I was afraid Abishai was getting dirty dishes out of the dishes.  Instead, I found that he had put his dirty bowl into the dishwasher without being asked!  Yeah!

Inspired by Brickworld, Keturah added her new set to some of the parts from other sets and got to work setting up some new scenes.

Yup, she owns a lot of the "Friends" series of minifigures.

Lots of reading about Pokemon happening now.  All the comic books have to be read from the back to the front and right to left because they were printed like the Japanese would read it.  That's why it's taking Justin longer to read each book.

Abishai getting some screen time all by himself.

Stacks and stacks of Pokemon books ready to be read.  

Keturah's Lego scene!

The kitties trying to stay out of the water in the background there.

A smoothie bar!

Watching a concert.

I finally convinced him that master builders sort their Legos so it's easier to find the exact piece they want.

Comfy, yet?

At home Batman meet Green Arrow.  Justin wanted a Batman figure from the new movie, although he has several other versions of Batman in his stockpile.

Batman meet the 10th Doctor!

Abishai finally wanted to wear the superman cape!  He liked to pretend to fly now with his hands waving in the air!

Copying his older brother, Justin is watching an episode of Pokemon while playing the Pokemon game.  Multitasking!  And yes, I actually do the same thing!

I saw that the little baby einstein book needed repaired, so I told Abishai to put it on my desk.  Well, he thought his Bible also needed to go to the "book doctor" for repairs.  He even knew that the tape I use for books is in this desk drawer!  Smart boy!

Aw, Daddy and his middle kids.

I wore my hair down today with some Lilla Rose bobby pins and I tried out my new Mary Kay make up.  I know why I don't wear my hair down: it gets in the way!  And it makes me hot.  Short hair would bug me worse, so don't even go there.  Also, #woman fail: I own NO facewash!  I went to actually wash my face and I had no soap that was appropriate!  I usually just wash my face as I wash my hair in the shower.  I've got to get on the ball with these things so I can teach Keturah the basics.  I'm just lazy, so no, I don't wash my face every day.  The make up worked well though!

Just a few more days until the IAHE homeschool conference!

Baby's first McChicken and boy was he proud that he could hold the whole sandwhich by himself.  He eventually abandoned the bun and just at the chicken patty.  What a big boy!

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