Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 97 Creativity!

Today, it was all about art at co op taught by one of our artist friends.  I didn't take many pictures though because I was literally walking behind Abishai all morning making sure he didn't destroy the library (which he nearly did!) But I did get some more pictures of the kids' creativity at home.  Without further adiu (sp?)....(sorry there's a lot of pictures.  when you have 4 kids and they all do something special in one day.....lots of pics!)
Poor Pam, our librarian, and her helpers will have to undo all of Abishai's rearranging of bookshelves from today.  Actually, he just pushed the books toward the back of each shelf.  I was content to let him do that, just as long as he didn't take them off the shelf and tear them.

Each kid was given a picture and you had to use it in your painting somehow.  This is Elsa holding a picture.  Some kids drew a fish or butterfly around their picture.

"Blondie" holding the picture.  "Blondie" refers to Phil Joel who used to play bass for the Christian rock band Newsboys.  I couldn't remember his name the other day, so I referred to him as "Blondie" so now Justin thinks that's his real name.

Abishai got a turn at the kids' computer at the library.  He was thrilled!  And this was before he climbed up on the desk to look out the window and pushed the computer screen over.  Oops!

Benaiah found a new "vegetable" to add to our garden!  He said, "Plant this, and you'll grow Sun Chips!"  It's a Subway bag inside of Sun Chip bag.  A Sun Chip carrot!

Then Benaiah made this! It's a beach chair with an umbrella.  Lol!

Justin likes to recreate whatever is going on his world be it a movie or a TV show or a song stuck in his head with a scene using Lego bricks.  Today, he can't get the song "Breakfast" by Newsboys out of his head, so he made the older version of the Newboys' band.  Trivia: The only original band member still with the group is the drummer, Duncan Phillips.  And our favorite TV personalities are enjoying one of the best concerts of the lives.   That would include, the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. Bwahahaha!  Love it!

See Blondie on the guitar there? Behind him is the keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein (yes that's his real name, he's my favorite), and Duncan on drums to the left.  Peter Furler, who was an original member, is the lead singer.  Michael Tait, formerly of DCTalk, is now the lead singer for the band.

Justin saw "God's Not Dead 2" last night and it showed the Newboys in concert and their tour bus.  So, he recreated the bus after I showed him pictures of the real Newsboys bus.  Adorable!

Duncan is drumming on the wall, while Jeff plays the keyboard, and Phil sings (he is/was a solo artist for awhile).  I guess Peter is trying to sleep, lol.  Justin didn't put windows in the bus because he didn't want to do windows and curtains.  He noticed that the bus had curtains!  That kid is a genius!

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