Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 121 A 12 hr work day.

Yes, the work is never ending.  I spent 4 long hard hrs on purging today.  How can one's life's belongings get so messy in 4 years? Oh yeah, I have 4 kids, a husband, a dog, and I homeschool, so there's no time to clean up the mess!  Until you have to move.  With a smaller truck.  This blog is about the dailies of our life, so yes, I will mention the move and cleaning out daily until it's done.  At least I'm looking forward to Indiana again.  I was able to get outside with Abishai as well and walk around the backyard.  And he knew where the street was from the backyard and headed straight for it!  He likes to just walking down the street.  He reminds me of a family friend when I was a kid who's 3rd born walked down the hill to our house and knocked on the door.  I think he was 5 maybe.  I could see Abishai just walking out the front door and the down the street someday.  He just loves going places.

Jared bought Justin a new Lego game called Jurassic World, that includes all the movies in that series.  Justin has already beaten 2 of the 4 main storylines in 48 hrs!  He'll go back through and get all the hidden spots and bricks and studs, but the story part is done.  Crazy!

Benaiah played catch up with school today, and handed in a well written summary of the lesson.  He is well on his way to college level writing and thinking.

Keturah had her gymnastics class today, and Daddy got to watch her for the first time! She didn't get to do her favorite vent, the uneven bars, but she worked hard on the other elements.

And the puppy, Socks, got lots of loving from Abishai, who now will hug the dog when you tell him to.  It's so adorable.

And finally, one last shoutout to www.theycallmeblessed.org for the wonderful job she did carrying through the homeschool blog hop this month!  Wahoo!!

I told him and Keturah that if they leave footprints, they are cleaning the doorframe! Monkeys!

Natural light on my remembrance flowers.

I love you, Woof! Woof!


Good night!

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