Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 305: So busy, make it stop!

It's great to be up and running and on the go, but I feel totally behind and barely cranking things out in time.  I have Bible Study tomorrow night and had no idea there was intensive daily study with it, oops!  And I'm not going to be able to do that tonight with the little brain power I have left.  Remember, I'm a type A personality, so I'm a perfectionist, and I've got to get it all right all the time.  But, I've got things mostly "reset" for tomorrow for school and the kitchen and laundry, so that's a plus.

Today was school, appointment, storage for documents and winter gear, dinner, Minions movie for middles, homework for Benaiah and make a gigantic mess by Abishai.  I cleaned up emails and Jared went to Staples to make copies and look at printers.  I'm in need of ink or a new printer.  This one was bought from a student on PEI for $20.  I've done what I can to repair it, and it might just that I bought a recycled off brand ink cartridge, but it's still coming out all blurry, even after I tried all the nozzle cleaning and alignment stuff.  I need a printer that can scan and print in black and white and color.  I don't care if it's laserjet or inkjet.  But a homeschooler is lost without a printer!  And a library card of course.

It was a gorgeous, 75 degree day here! And that felt odd to me.  By now, PEI is usually rainy and cold.  And NH is cooler as well.  I never liked warm Novembers before, and it's still odd now.  But, it lets the kids be outside for longer and they get to play in the leaves at Grandpa's house along with Socks.  Benaiah got to mow all the leaves yesterday.

Tomorrow is full, and I'm not sure what Thursday and Friday will bring with some of the family busy with a conference and friends coming to town.  We shall see!

Grandma was busy today, so Grandpa got to babysit.  Awww......

This is what it looks like when you are told you need to prove your residency of the last 10 years just so you can get your Canadian born son a Social Security number.  Yes, that's 10 years of taxes and bills, b/c you know, I keep everything "just in case" and yes this is JUST the moment it was WORTH it!

Abishai had a 15 minute screaming toddler fit about wanting to play with that truck up on the countertop DURING supper prep.  It was awful.  He's really got some loud and bad tantrums.  We ignore some, we put him in time out for others.  But they are usually headache producing.

Abishai mess.  And he picked his nose and tasted it for the first time today!

My minions watching Minions.

Oo, look what I found!  A new shirt sporting Jared's new job!  e2 Ministries! Effective elders is all about training elders and leaders of churches.  Jared gets to use his administrative skills so the other guys can keep their day jobs and do the teaching while on the road.  Nice!

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