Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 322: Thanksgiving Break For All!

Ok, ok, Jared was very frustrated that he didn't get enough hrs of work in today, so he'll work as much as he can next week, but the rest of us are free and clear from school work.  Benaiah's last day was yesterday, because he always has Fridays off.  We don't have homeschool co op on Monday, and we did all of our homework this week so it's ready for the following Monday.  I really, really want to finish that history book, so we'll do that tomorrow and Sunday perhaps.  But we'll take a break from math.  We'll be heading up to Michigan for Turkey Day, so I'll be spending my time preparing for that.  We are privileged to see most/all of Leah's side of the family again this year, like we did last year, and all the years we lived here in Indiana.  We are blessed because we all are committed Christians so there are no arguments about politics or belief systems.  We eat, we play scrabble, we catch up with each other's lives, and that's that.  And we all contribute to the meal.  And it's truly a blessing that both of Leah's parents are still alive.  Grandma and Grandpa Cook are very precious to us.  Grandpa was a minister until maybe 10 years ago.  Leah's brother is also a minister.  Then there's Gary, Jared, and Aaron.

Shauna and Aaron and the girls won't be with us this year, though.  Leah had a big birthday last year (her birthday is actually tomorrow), and we all surprised her by flying in ON her birthday.  Our plane arrived late, so Gary had to tell Leah that Amazon was delivering a package, but it was going to be really late and she needed to stay awake.  We got there about 11 pm that night, all the way from PEI.  But it was so worth it.  Then we stayed through Thanksgiving.  I love being part of surprises like that.  Gary and Leah surprised us a few times while we live on PEI.  Or one of us knew, but the other didn't.  Or we knew and the kids didn't.  Again, what a blessing it is to be able to do stuff like that and show our love for one another in that kind of big way.  I'm going to miss those "let's pick Grandma up at the airport" kind of moments, and when they walk in the door with their suitcases full of goodies.  But living closer together is extremely helpful right now.  We've really needed that several times of week kind of help.  So, we're here and it's good.  I just know I'll be anxious as to what our next big adventure will be, whether it's next year or 10 years from now.  As Aladdin sings in, well, Aladdin, "I can show you the world..." I want to see the world!

Moving on to today, the here and now, and the 71 F degree weather.  No joke.  November 18th and it felt like early September on PEI.  I remarked on Facebook, "Where's all the snow?!"  It doesn't actually really start falling on PEI until January, and they often have a green Christmas, but I can't help myself.  Fall has seemed really long.  Don't get me wrong, I like this weather, but I also like wearing big sweaters and building snowmen and being snowed in.  A massive cold front has now come through and the high for tomorrow will only be 45 degrees F or something.  The up and down temps aren't great for the poor old body, btw.  Maybe that's why I've been on and off sick lately.  But we took advantage of the weather and went to the park again today.  There's no urgency of "soak up the good weather before it disappears" like there was on PEI.  I think winter is going to feel so short to me this year and I'll feel the urgency of "let's take the day off school because we got 2 inches of snow to play in!" "We must build something with it before it melts by noon!"  Maybe we should move to Montana or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or something.

Keturah, Abishai and I chilled at home this evening, while Jared took the older boys to one of Benaiah's friend's house to play board games and video games.  It took me a bit, but I cleaned up the house from the week in preparation for the next week.  I had to go slowly because I'm still dealing with tons of pain and the doctor and pharmacist didn't get my pain meds figured out today.  So, I'll have to just deal with it until Monday and then try again to make all those health insurance people happy.  The good news is that Jared and I finally got our health care cards after 5 months of applying for them.  I still have to sort out some other paperwork for them, too.  Not fun.

You know what else is not fun?  Having your oldest child also needing a cavity filled and sealings put on 4 of his teeth.  That's 3 out of 4 kids plus Jared that need dental work.  Whoops!  We will be fixing this lack of dental hygiene immediately.  Sorry if that makes my dental hygienist friends squirm in their seat.

Apparently, Noah's Ark became a ferry for Abishai's cars today.

Last day of windows being open for the year.

I finally got this bad boy replanted today.  I accidentally got some dirt in one of the "mouths" and it actually closed and pushed out the dirt!  Woah!  It's supposed to go into hiberation, but I don't have the right temperature for it.  I'm thinking the garage, but I don't want it to freeze either.

Enjoying the last bit f fall together.

Peek a boo Daddy!

Abishai loved seeing Daddy in the window!

3 of my babies.

Handsome 11 year old.

I did tell Keturah that doing this is a bit dangerous but I also have been learning about letting them figure it out that it's dangerous on their own.

Well, come on guys!  Let's go!

Our playground has elements that are friendly to disabled persons, so Abishai took advantage of  that and rode his trike up an down the playground equipment, even saying "beep, beep, beep" when he backed up.

Keturah likes using her skates on the smooth cement at the playground. These inline skates are 20 years old.  They first belonged to a neighbor kid I babysit, and then he gave them to me when he grew out of them.  I brought them to college and used them around campus for exercise.  And now they've been to Canada and back.  Yup, if you take care of your toys, they will last.

"Beep, Beep, Beep."

The look of determination.

Oh my goodness, Abishai is so smart and such a big boy!  He was able to hold on and not panic as they turned this element around pretty quickly.  He wanted it to go faster!  He's a bold little thing.

I'm a big boy!

All by myself!

I can do it! (But Mommy then stood behind him when he got higher just in case he slipped, which he didn't).

A change in the weather is approaching from the west.
Check out the low and the high.  36 F and 71 F.  Big wing in temps.

Abishai found his swing on the porch again.  Daddy's arms became the cross beam to hang the swing on and he loved it!

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