Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 326: Kid Dates

It's one of those weeks where we've got lots to do in a short amount of time.  I started prepping food for Thursday, because we have to take it with us tomorrow up to Michigan.  The kids puttered and played video games or watched videos.  Then I took Keturah to her appointment, and although she was bundled up in a heavy coat and snowboats, she still wanted a shake from Steak and Shake afterwards.  She choose MM's this time.  And she still wants this stuffed animal from there which looks like thing of fries, or "fry girl."  Silly girl!  Oh and she watched the "Popples" show on YouTube today because of finding my Popples yesterday.  Go '80's!

Then I took Benaiah out for some errands and the movie, Hankshaw Ridge.  I wanted to get some Christmas gifts while we were in Meijer, and was already in line when we realized that we just couldn't afford it today.  He and I learned how to reduce our basketload to just what we really needed and thanking the cashier for taking care of putting the items we didn't need back on the shelf.  For the record, we aren't poor, but money is tight, and I'm having to really catch myself and pull back on spending on non necessities.  The kids know that we have to be extra careful, so it's a lesson we are all learning.  Bills are being paid, though, so we are surviving.  Plus, our neighbor Judy picked up more groceries for us at the food pantry.  I kind of feel bad that she does that for us and she uses her limited energy to bring them into the building.  She's the sweetest older lady.  Abishai let her hold him today, too.  Anyway, she picked up things like potatoes, a big chicken, bread and snacks for us.  I graciously accept the gifts because it does help us and I know it makes her feel good about helping us.  God is providing, one day at a time.

So, Hankshaw Ridge.  Oh my goodness.  It was full of blood and gore, as I expected, but I found myself wishing it to be over.  The swearing was minimal, and so was the nudity.  But I was scared and jumped out of my seat several times.  I almost cried at the end (although it is a happy ending).  I never cry at movies.  It is very well done, and has given me perspective on how these soldiers must feel after being a part of all that.  PTSD to the max, poor soldiers.  The movie was full of Scripture, great morals, standing by your faith and principals, strong family and friendships, etc.  I'm blown away by how well this movie is made.  I hope it wins a ton of awards.  But it definitely is gross, just as war is gross.  Most of you probably don't want to see it.  Benaiah and I had some good discussion about it on the way home.  So, I had a "date" with Keturah since I got her milkshake and I got my diet cherry coke.  And I had a "date" with  Benaiah, too.  I'll have to find time to take Justin and Abishai somewhere soon.

Well, we'll be heading to Michigan tomorrow and getting home late Thanksgiving Day, so I won't be blogging until Friday.  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share and maybe some fun stories.  The Cook family is always a joy to be around because we are all conservative Christians and with Christ at the center of all our lives, we just enjoy each other and not have to worry about difference of opinions in life or politics.  And I'm looking forward to getting out of my house for a couple of days.  I just need a change of scenery.  So, I'll talk to you on Friday!

Abishai took the rest of the groceries out of the box so he could get in it and drive it around, lol.

That's Benaiah throwing Abishai up in the air, not Jared.  Crazy that both of these kids are mine and yet they are such different sizes.  Abishai loves saying "Baba, baba, baba..." and pulls Benaiah over to something he wants to show him.  Lots of sibling love here.
I'm going to go ahead and remind you all that I am a stylist for Lilla Rose.  And this weekend is the biggest sale of the year.  The details are in the graphic below.  I will be around this weekend if you are interested and I can answer your questions.  I will also be participating with a booth at the Christmas in Wanamaker event on December 3rd from 10am to 4 pm.  I will have inventory to sell and you can come and try on a few things and find out what your size is.  There's a ton of vendors there, so come join us!  Thanks! Here's my website: www.lillarose.biz/melindaj

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