Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 306: What season is it?!

So, what season is Indiana in?  Apparently, it's still summer!  It still holds true that you really can't put away your summer clothes for good except for maybe January and February because you get these really warm days every other month of the year.  I'm talking 78 degrees F!  While Prince Edward Island has already done the full switch and there is no going back.  They even have hats and mittens on with winter coats just to go trick or treating.  And New Hampshire is somewhere in between.  It just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving if you are wearing shorts, and it never did when I lived here before.  So, below are the actual forecasts for today.

Indianapolis IN

Prince Edward Island

Manchester, New Hampshire

Little Brothers Rock!  And I think all his siblings agree!  He put his cars and such in his lap and then covered his lap with his book to hide them.

Even on days like yesterday where I can't sit with them, these two have learned to be diligent and get their work done.  And when they need help, they are flexible enough to work beside me as I work on chores or computer work.

Even Abishai likes to work with us.  Now that Daddy has a desk, Abishai can line up his cars there and then beg Daddy to sit in Daddy's lap to play with the computer.

Abishai hiding his cars behind Daddy's computer.  It's just so hard to work sometimes when you got Mr. Cuteness trying to help you.

Keturah and I were out for an appointment today, and we often stop for Half Price Drinks and Shakes Hours at Steak and Shake.  She gets a small shake and I get a diet cherry coke (it's not fully diet since the syrup is put into regular diet coke and it's not sugar free).  These are the new holiday flavors.  She choose Peppermint Chocolate Chip.
I think I've talked about my computer printer woes as of late.  But just in case, I bought a cheap recycled ink cartridge off of Amazon and I think it was a big mistake.  I did all I could going through all the cleaning and alignment processes, but it still would print very blurry pages.  So, instead of investing in another ink cartridge, Jared decided to go ahead and just buy me a brand new printer!  I had bought my previous one off of a college student for $20 so I knew it wouldn't last terribly long.  So, here is the beauty.  I think I wrote yesterday that there are two things every homeschooler needs, a library card and a printer.  A third would be connection to the Internet through a laptop computer.  And yes, I need a scanner and for it to print in color.  I don't need a fax or even photo printing.

Sweet!  It was very easy to install with a USB cord, but I'm having trouble making it a wireless printer like was advertised.  That will be a challenge for me to figure out, and I like those kinds of challenges.

No joke!  This thing is called "Envy!"  Who comes up with these names?  Weird.  But I guess I could say, "Be envious, I got a new printer!"  But I'm also not THAT mean and it's just a printer.  That I got before Christmas, but it will count as a gift to myself, along with the blender, and numerous other things I buy myself now and then.  We have to be careful this year on how much we spend on Christmas, so I am not joking about this.  I'll print pictures and wrap the in a box of all the new things I've gotten this year.  Because all of these are luxuries, even a printer and a blender.  We've made due without them.  But to buy them ourselves and not feel like we have to wait until a holiday feels good.  It reminds us that we do have enough income to live monetarily richly.  And that I am able to stay home and homeschool my kids.  That I can afford a doctor of my choosing.  God' has blessed us immensely.

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