Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 317: One little, one medium, one big!

We finally got to have Sunday dinner altogether today.  Yes, it took us this long to figure out a time and place that would actually work for all 8 of us.  Busy, busy times!  The boys had a tremendous time wrestling until they were red in the face and out of breath.  You see, "Mr. Johnson aka no not the other one" according to his nametag (Benaiah), is extremely ticklish everywhere.  So, he might seem physically daunting, but it's got a weakness, tickling and laughing.  I still can't believe my 6lb, 5 oz, 18 1/2 inches long baby is over 200 lbs and is 5 ft, 9 inches tall!  But he's still my baby whether he likes it or not, lol.  No, he's growing up quickly and seems to have life figured out for the most part.  He's gets his rockband stuff this week so he can legitimately start playing the game and learn how to drum on a drumset.  It's not just a game but a tool for him.  Very proud of him that he's paying for all of it, a console and accessories.  

Meanwhile, life happened everywhere today.  The sun did shine and warm up the below freezing temperatures to 40 degrees.  I'm so not prepared with winter gear yet.  I did manage to switch my t-shirts and long sleeve shirts in my closet so I won't freeze anymore.  Everybody else's clothes are ready to go.  We just have to go get the actual hat and mittens and heavy coats from storage. 

Keturah saw an ad for a loom in a magazine and wanted it.  So, I told her we still have Aunt Stefanie's easy weaver loom that she could use.  $40 later for a new kit and more shuttles, and about an hour of prep work, she got make her first rows!

This will be so good for her to keep her hands occupied.  If she has idle hands, things are tampered with or destroyed.

The bus transported them here.  Abishai wanted to work with Daddy when he cleaned out the vaccuum.  Abishai knows how to reach in and pop the back doors open from the inside!  Smart coookie

Pretty colors!  Yes, she is wearing a tank top and I have no idea why.

Big B takes up Grandpa's chair to the max.

But Big B can get down on the floor with the littlest guy, too.

All four of my babies.

Somebody thinks he owns the remote and that he can use his toes to turn it on.

I think they may be related.

Watching TV together.

Totally wrong setting, but super moon night!

Grandma said, "I think we need to get another couch!!"

Benaiah is in the middle with the white/tan shirt and Jared is on his right in the blue shirt hitting the ball.

Can you say Benaiah is Jared's clone?  Yup, you can!

My man and his man child clone.

Meanwhile, one of the youth ministers told Jared that Justin had come up to him and thanked him for teaching them a couple of weeks ago.  Wow, I had no idea Justin knew to do that!  But then again, Grandpa is very good at modeling that for his grandkids.  Justin was super excited when the whole youth group got to write thank you cards to the elders and Grandpa a couple of weeks ago.  That's our boy!

Always the cars, always.  He needs friends all the time, even when brushing his teeth!!  Extrovert alert!  Oh, and Abishai went to bed without a shirt on.  I think he wants to be like Justin and not wear shirts.  I wasn't willing to fight that battle, so I let him be.  We'll see if he wakes up in a couple of hrs because he's cold.  I think he's got sensitive skin, too, because he keeps coming up with these heat rashes or irritations from clothing or soaps I think.  Nothing major, but I'd like to get to the root cause of them.

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