Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 316: Waving the White Flag

It's been a long, tiring week for me, and I think the kids have felt it, too.  I tried to take a break from anything controversial on social media today, and that helped.  I'm just tired of fighting.  Fighting kids on homework, fighting my health, fighting people who don't agree with me.  It's time to stop fighting, and time to start praying.  Not because your candidate is not in the office of President.  No, it's time to pray, as we always should, for our leaders.  Pray that they make wise decisions, no matter what your particular view on the issue is.  Pray that God directs their steps, whether in Washington or down the road at the local state house.  God has used good and bad leaders to do His Will from the beginning of time.  So can we just stop fighting?  Can we show our kids how to get along?  I think that's what I'd like to focus on in the weeks ahead.  So, pray.

Meanwhile, I pushed hard this morning finish up some school assignments with Keturah and get some paperwork/computer work done.  There were Operation Christmas Child box tags to print and information to find on doctors and medicaid.  Filters and Christmas presents to buy.  A loom that needs to be refitted with yarn so the 8 yr old has something to do with her creative, messy hands.  (I'm still trying to embrace her creative messes, but most artists are messy, right?)  So, that's what Keturah and I did, while Abishai went back and forth, up and down the hallway, trying to get at books and food and cars and "foo-foo" videos (trains).  Jared and Justin were at church for "The Talk."  Yes, THE talk, but done with a big group of people, with information presented by someone else, and then workbooks to bring home for further discussion.  Then church and then lots of running around and giggling with sleeping bags and Justin's bed/ladder, closets, and one crazy 21 month old.

The perks of going to a special event!  Sprinkle donuts! (Special thanks to my friend Alisha for getting these photos of Justin for me).

Playing a game on what is ok and what is not when posting to social media.

The workbook for the event.

Nice angle!  Working through the workbook material.  Kidustrial Park is the name of our kids' ministry from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

I think we ALL need to learn this!

Shameless plug!  My friend sent me this picture of a Lilla Rose clip in her 3 year old's extremely curly hair.  Oh so pretty!  Black Friday is coming and so is Christmas!  Be sure to buy yourself something special or buy something as a stocking stuffer.  www.lillarose.biz/melindaj

Drumroll.....Keturah's new haircut!  Our new hairdresser chopped off a bunch of hair, but left it an inch or so below her chin.  Well, Keturah wanted it shorter!  So, shorter it went!

Looks great and reminds me of how my sister Stefanie liked her hair shorter rather than longer until very recently.
Cheesecake and candy for breakfast, I think that's where we went wrong today, lol.

High maintenance boy usually can't decide what he wants to eat and drink, lol.
November is all about thankfulness and actually, money as well.  Money is mentioned in the Bible like 2,000 times or something.  The Creek has had sermons on finances and giving and tithing in November for years.  Check out the fun stage set up at church tonight!  Lots to celebrate, and we are not talking about the election.  Just life in general.  Great music, too!

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