Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day 330: Time to Rest

I've been trying to rest all day, because I'm going to a concert tonight, that I've waited over 4 1/2 months for (that's what I get for buying tickets at the early bird sale to get the best seats in the house).  Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant, Christmas, in concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, downtown Indianapolis.  I'm still very tired from the previous week so I took a short nap, and apparently Abishai is, too, since he has slept for another 4 hr nap today as he did yesterday.  Justin and Benaiah had slept over at Gary and Leah's because they had helped decorate the rest of their house, so we picked them up today.

Then we went to the storage barn again to get the rest of the Christmas stuff.  I really should spend some time reorganizing the bins or just taking a better inventory of what is at the barn because everything feels mixed up.  I'm pretty sure we got it all today, but I won't know until I start opening boxes tomorrow.  Thankfully, the barn's owner had his big heater going so it wasn't too chilly in there.  Yeah!  The storage barn is a massive pole barn that can house like 3 huge tractors, plus all the gear to take care of them.  We just have a small corner of it.  Our stuff is a little dusty, but that's to be expected.  Jared and the kids get to hang out this evening together while I do my thing.  I'll add pictures tomorrow.
I'm back and here's what I posted on Facebook about the concert:

Great concert, as always, but all I could of Mr. Jim Daneker was his feet, lol. Yes, Jordan Smith has an incredible singing voice, and he did All is Well and Gloria very well. He was also given standing ovations twice! I guess he has some diehard fans. I just don't like guys that speak with a high pitched voice. Smitty and Amy were, well, Smitty and Amy. Best funny moment was when Smitty didn't remember what the next song was! His age is starting to show (finally). And when Amy and Jordan sang a song together that she sang more than two decades on her Christmas album, and he just sang it a few weeks ago on his first Christmas song. I'm a feeling just a bit older being the Smitty fan in the place, lol. Now I want to pull out the Smitty piano music again, especially his Christmas music to play on the piano. But where did I put that stuff? Lol. Christmas CD's will be coming out tomorrow I think.

I'll post a couple of pics, and then move on, you're welcome.  I couldn't bring the big camera in, but thankfully, I had extra chargers with me to keep my phone going the whole evening.  I took like 63 photos and videos!  Phew!  I tried not to be obnoxious, but, yes, I'm that kind of fan.

Caryn and I before the concert.

Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.  Fun fact, they started singing together in 1982 or so.  Yes, decades long friendship.

Decent picture of the three main artists.  Five singers to your left, orchestra and Jim Daneker (Michael's back up keys guy) in the back, and the drummer on the right.  There was also some regular band type people, too.  The orchestra was our very own Indianapolis Philharmonic orchestra.  They try to use local orchestras when they can.  I think the conductor came with the artists though, because he's worked with Michael on a few projects.

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