Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day 328: Thanksgiving 2016

Of course, we have so many things to be thankful for today, but most of all, we are thankful for family.  Our biological families and our church families.  So many loving people to do live with!!  I could try to enumerate our thankfulness, but I think that pretty much sums it up as I reflect on the last year.  If you've been with me for this daily blog post all year, you'll understand why.  It's been one crazy year, and there are some things that I may not be very thankful for on the surface, but God does work in and around and with and despite our bad moments for His purposes.  I am thankful that we got to live on PEI.  I am thankful we were able to settle in quickly back in Indiana (the kids and Jared more than I.)  I'm thankful for relative healthiness and for finances that pay for when we aren't.  I'm thankful for people who helped us pack up and load the truck and for those who helped unload and unpack on the other side.  I'm thankful for the mentors in Jared and I's lives who pour themselves into us and walk alongside us.

Grandma Cook and Grandpa Cook

I could go on and on.  But I think I'll just show you a bit of who I am thankful for, Grandma and Grandpa Cook, Jared's grandparents, who "got this party started" so to speak.  They have 4 kids, 3 of whom got married and had a total of 5 kids.  Those 5 kids are all married and have a total of 12 kids.  That's 29 people connected/alive because of two people who have loved each other for over 60 years.  That's so cool!  Your family might be bigger or smaller, but to me, 29 people is a decent size.  And out of those relationships, only one has had some trouble keeping a stable relationship.  Divorce is not something we are familiar with, praise God!  Again, it's incredible!  Faithfulness towards God and faithfulness to each other.  I LOVE it!

Vroom! As always! Abishai, the mountain goat, climbing up to see the cars out the window.

Being a good boy with a cup of yogurt and using a stirring straw as a spoon.  Abishai likes to stay clean, so he's pretty obedient about getting wiped up.

The balls were the biggest hit with the kids today!  They could throw them into the basketball hoop game or throw them at each other.  Balls!

Loads of balls!  We meet at the church the grandparents and Uncle Ed attend, so it's pretty simple.

Justin found another hidey hole to play his DS in.

Playing the bored game with Jared's cousin Charles and his wife Gabby.

Zion on the right is the oldest cousin in my kids' generation. Benaiah and Zion get along very well when they see each other.  They are playig blockus.

Abishai playing on Grandma's Nook before dinner.

The folks (Grandma and Grandpa) have arrived!  We can eat!

Uncle Ed, Abishai and Jared talking.

The feast!  I made sugar free jello-o cranberry salad, sweet potatoes, and GF "dressing" aka stuffing.

The littlest 2nd cousins ages 2-8 years old.

The preteen/teen table, ages 11-15 years old.

Grandparents plus Gary and Leah's generation.

The grandchildren and/or original cousins generation.

Abishai thoroughly enjoying Grandma Leah's pumpkin/cream cheese/ whipped cream pie.  He was "mmmmmm'ing".

Full bellies,  ready to play again.

The Cook clan, except for Aaron/Shauna/Nora/Everly.

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