Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 311: Happy Election Day Eve!

Well, I won't post much about the election except to write down for my kids that this election has been downright nasty and has divided the church in ways I cannot fathom.  I would love to explain who I'm voting for and why, but enough has already been said on social media.  As we were talking with other moms today, and looking at a map of how the electoral college went over the last 200 or so years, this is not the only nasty race that has been run in our history.  One mom was saying that one presidential candidate's wife died from a heart attack because of all the stress and nasty comments that were being thrown around.  This was back in the 1800's!  So, no matter who you vote for, if you haven't already done so, get out and vote.  Period.  Exercise that freedom that so many still don't have in the world.  The United States may or may not be as great as it once was, but we are still free in many, many ways.  We all need to get our heads out of the sand and look to what the rest of the world is going through.  From recovering from civil wars just 20 years ago in Kosova, to the current Isis and conflicts in the Middle East, to massacres still happening in Africa, this world is not at peace.  Please pray for our nation and be reminded that God loves all people.  And God is still on his throne and will use whoever is chosen for presidency and in the Senate and House of Representatives, both locally and nationally, for his bigger purposes.

Meanwhile, life moves on with homeschooling and daily life.  Jared felt sick to his stomach again yesterday, but I think he's recovered for the most part today.  Grandma picked up Abishai earlier than usual from co op because she had things to do at home, like baking chocolate chip cookies and homemade bread.  And Abishai stayed there until we had supper out together at 6 pm.  That means Abishai was an "only" grandchild for 9 hours!  That's awesome!  Those kinds of memories are what makes living here worthwhile.  Keturah and Justin came home from co op very tired, and had some downtime alone and in the quiet while Abishai was gone before we headed out again.  They love their new friends though.  Benaiah said he got his grade up in Bible to a B+ from a B-.  Yeah!  I wasn't terribly productive today, but we are home all day tomorrow (besides going to vote), so I'm sure we'll have some fun stuff to share on the blog then.

When we went to pick up Abishai, we saw that he and Grandma had been busy raking leaves today.  We love to jump in leaf piles!

So many leaves!

Abishai wasn't too sure of the whole thing.

Run, run, jump!
A Johnson tradition: roll up an empty straw one both ends creating an air pocket, and then flick the middle, causing it to pop.

Abishai thought it as great to be able to dip his chicken nuggets into the cheese on m potato.  He also like the honey mustard.  And he spent some time dancing and running around us at the table.  But he never ran off, which is good.
Unable to load the picture of Abishai eating the chocolate chip cookie.  Bummers!

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