Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 321: Jared, the Taxi Driver

Growing up, we sometimes would call my mom the taxi driver, or Mom's Taxi Service, because that's all she seemed to do after lunchtime was drive us everywhere.  She wore out two vans, and pushing the gas pedal affected her right leg to the point that it caused severe restless legs in her non driving years.  Well, Jared got to play the part today because we had an appointment for Benaiah this morning and had to get him from school, go to the appointment and take him back to school.  Then we had to go back to Leah's house to pick up the middles so that the 4 of us could get our teeth cleaned at the dentist.  We had left the middles and Abishai on our way to get Benaiah.  We left the house at 8 and didn't get home until 2.  Thankfully it was a beautiful, picture perfect 70 F degree day today.  Yes, 70 degrees, and it's nearly American Thanksgiving!  What gives?!  On this date, 1 year ago, on PEI, we had 2.5 inches of SNOW fall.  What a contrast!  It's going to dip back down into the 40's and 50's this weekend though.  You think my body would like these warmer temps, but I don't think it matters.  I am in a lot of pain because of sitting in the car and in different chairs though.  Unfortunately, I take after my mother in this way.  And I'm out of my more potent pain relieving drug, tramadol, so I have a withdrawal headache, yippee.  Moving on.

The appointment this morning went well, but 3 out of 4 us have to go back to the dentist because of cavities.  Can you guess who doesn't need to go back? Me!  That's right, the kids AND Jared have cavities.  I guess with all the craziness this year has brought, we haven't been very vigilant about teaching the kids better oral hygiene.  Whoops.  Oh well, it happens, right? Ok, maybe not to everyone, but you know, you do what you have to survive, and teeth brushing is just a little lower than some other things like packing up to move 1,600 miles, you know?  But it's a good reminder to get back at it now that we are "settled" at the moment.  When we were in the car, Keturah was talking about how the "vegetables" they put on her teeth felt sticky.  Wait, vegetables? You mean "vitamins?"  Yes, the dentist brushed fluoride on the kids' teeth today instead of doing the foam trays we have had in the past.  It made their teeth sticky for awhile, but they could eat right after that if they wanted to.  We hadn't had lunch, so it was a Chick Fil A kind of day, yeah!  That restaurant never gets old for us.  And I got to have a diet Dr. Pepper, yum!  I like fountain over bottled pop any day.

The kids were able to do some school this morning at Grandma's and then at the dentist, and finished it when they got home.  Yeah for homeschooling on the road!  Actually, we arrived at Leah's just as the bus was going through the neighborhood and I asked the kids if they were glad they didn't have to stand at the bus stop 5 days a week in the cold or rain or snow or heat.  Yes, they were glad. Just another perk of homeschooling not having to rush out the door every single day to catch a bus or go to work.  I don't have to go to work because my work follows me literally everywhere, right? But it can be done in my jammies or from the comforts of my bed when I'm really ill.  Ah the freedoms and blessings we currently have and have had since the beginning of our lives.  We are definitely part of that 10% of the wealthiest people in the world category, aren't we?  Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms....yes, we still have those freedoms for now.  Things to be very thankful for sure.

Like I said, I have a wicked headache, so I took a nap and we just chilled tonight.

Playing with micro machines from my childhood.  I noticed they are getting a bit worn, but I'm glad my kids have gotten to enjoy them instead of them just sitting in a box unused.

Driving cars through tunnels always goes better when your foot is in the playset that folds up into a van.

Oo, nice close up shot!  Random vehicle placement though.

Of course Abishai had to line up the tiny cars like he does his matchbox size cars.

Look Daddy!  Vrrooms!

Justin's got some funny sitting positions when he plays video games.  His feet and legs were actually moving when he moved the character on the screen.  It was hilarious to watch!  Plus these newer controllers will shake and buzz and there's even a speaker on them that will shout out commands during the game.  It's quite interesting.

Daddy made Abishai is very own car with "VRROOM" on the license plate.

And of course, it has a Canadian flag logo for the Canadian.  Nice!

One of Leah's beautiful maple trees!

Nothing sales fall like long sleeve shirts and red leaved maple trees!  Makes for lots of yard clean up, but the kids LOVE making a mess of the piles.  But where's the snow? Isn't it supposed to be cold and snowy now?  #Canadianmemories

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