Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Year 2, Day 45: Birthday Celebration Take 2

I wrote a ton yesterday, so I'm not sure what to write tonight, plus my brain is a little mushy and I've got a lot of little projects to get done.  So, let's just show the day in pictures.

We had Abishai's gifts ready for him to open up this morning so that he could play with them all day and Jared could watch Abishai open them.

Just a little Valentine's treat for all my Valentine's.

Abishai knew exactly how to open the plastic bag to get to the gift.  It was not wrapped because we had already put away the paper when I found it. 

I want to get it open now!

Abishai is very methodical when opening his gifts.  But he does and can do it all on his own.


Take Along Thomas sets that we got at a great discount at Meijer right after the holidays.  That's one advantage of having a February birthday!

He absolutely adores his new train sets!  In fact, he figured out that the top of the water towel swivels and the pipe lowers so the steam engines can get water to produce steam.  He knew exactly how to put the train underneath the pipe and  made a water gushing sound.  He's paying close attention to the TV shows sometimes, because I know in one video I watched, they explained what the water tower was for.  Pretty smart kid!

Abishai also added his regular cars to the tracks to hang out with the trains.

Found a cheap small spirogrraph at Aldi's today, and Keturah loves it!  Justin just wanted to see how it worked.

Now it looks like a real party!  Wahoo!

I always save a napkin, a plate, and a cup from each child's favorite "themed" birthday.

The second flower bloomed on this stalk!  The petals are huge this time!

Abishai took another 4 hr nap today!  He took a 4 hr nap on Sunday, too.  And when he woke up and saw the decorations, he pointed to the cups and said, "Ha-hat!"  And then he put the cup on his head!

Ok, I'm ready to eat, where's my pizza?  We had just started cooking the pizza, so he had to wait.  He loved the blue spoon and fork, too!  

Oh yes, they are definitely related.

Pizza time!  Although he started by eating all the toppings off of the pizza and then eating the curst.

Birthday cake time!  I was super lazy this year and just bought a cheesecake because I know Abishai has had it before and liked it and I didn't wanted to go to Dairy Queen to get a super expensive ice cream cake.  So, cheesecake it is!

Abishai blew out the 3 candles all by himself!  Single candles, a number 2 candle, Thomas, and Canadian flags.  I think he's a well rounded child.  Somewhere along the way we lost the original bigger number 2 candle, but bought a pink and orange polka dot number 2 candle for Keturah or something but decided it was too girly for Abishai.

Opening more presents!  Uncle Aaron, Aunt Shauna, Nora and Everly searched and searched but finally found some Thomas PJ's for Abishai to wear!  Size 2T and the pants fall right off of him, my little skinny dude.  I'll be doing a little tucking in of the waistband on the pants.  Not a big deal.  Abishai didn't care.

One more present from Grandma and Grandpa!

Some new clothes!  Of course!  This time, they were size 3T so it might be awhile before he actually fills it out.

Abishai ended his birthday celebration day lining up his cars as usual.

I took this picture with my phone in order to compare it with the huge snow storm PEI got yesterday and today.  1 foot of snow, but the wind was like 40-50mph and blowing snow into furnance intake vents.  And they are to get more snow by the end of this week.  I miss it a lot.  Everyone needs a snow day where the whole city shuts down and the plows are pulled  from the streets because it's so bad out there.  But it sounds the same as it was 2 years ago when Abishai was born between two major snowstorms.  Hopefully someday, Abishai will get to experience a PEI Canadian winter.  We'll see.

We stopped in at the library, and Abishai ha a blast with this dollhouse.  He did notice that there were no dolls to play with and kept saying, "mama, dada, baby."  But he moved on and kept playing for a while.

Then we went to Aldi's for the cheesecake and pizza.  Abishai wanted to help bring groceries in, so I gave him the lightest bag full of potato chips.  He made it from the van to sidewalk all by himself.  He did fall down a couple of times (like he is falling in this pic.)  What a great helper!

Something is not right with this forecast.  It's February, not May.

These are some photos I had to reload onto the blog, so they are out of order.

The 10 minute birthday party set up!

Abishai's special chair!

Ready, set ,go!

Beautiful flowers!

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come.

Wow, full living room.

Daddy wore the party hat all evening.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Abishai!

Now dig in!

Grandpa brought some Valentine's treats for the other kids.  It's certain a big Hershey kiss!

Trying on the new jammies!  Yup, I'll fix them to fit his tiny waist and rear.  Thank you ASEN!
Oh my goodness, I barely got through typing that all out.  It's not the best blog post, but it's done.  Good night.

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