Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, February 3, 2017

Year 2, Day 34: Busy Waiting

Wait, wait, wait.  This part of taking care of the elderly is hard because it's all unknown what could happen from moment to moment.  Do you stay or do you go.  And we all wait here, making sure we are flexible and yet continuing on in our daily tasks.  We were pretty busy today with haircuts for the boys, doctor's appointment for Justin, stopped by Jared's office (which we hadn't done in 11 months!) to say hi, have Grandpa Bible class at his house while Abishai played with Benaiah, stop by the pharmacy, finally get home to make dinner and clean up.  The boys have a Bible Bowl competition, and I would love to go and stay away from home duties all day and just cross stitch as they answer questions, but I need the rest at home and put away laundry and prepare for the week ahead.  I'm just really beat from all the errands and double the long days of co ops/communities etc.  The next few weeks aren't as busy.  So, hopefully, I'll have some more rest at some point.

Pretty flower continuing to open.  The stem is starting to rot though.

Daddy brought home a big bowl from the church that had some monkey bread in it from the high schooler's breakfast Bible study.  They at the monkey bread and I washed the bowl.  Then Abishai found it.  What's better than a big shiny bowl?

Think: Spaceballs movie!  Hilarious!
I tried a new "do" today based on a video that Lilla Rose did at HQ.  I needed to be a little tighter with a smaller flexi and it stayed for maybe 2 hrs.  But I tried!

Pre haircut

Pre haircut

Post haircuts and Justin, the weird one, for some odd reason taught Abishai to put these big rocks up to their ears at the doctor's office. Strange boys.


Yucky wax that came out with irrigation by the doctor.  Hopefully that will help with Justin's ringing in his ears.  Plus some allergy meds to keep the sinuses in good shape and inflammation down.

Abishai insisted that everyone sit together on the doctor's exam chair/table which is super comfortable.

Playing games at Daddy's office.  This one is called pass the baby!  Abishai got to run around a lot, too.  We won't be doing this once the rest of the staff have moved into their offices, obviously.

This used to be the gym where they held services before the big auditorium was built.  I remember the first time I came when we were dating and Aaron had a sign pointing down on my head saying "this is Melinda."  aka, Jared has a girlfriend!  I also remember the first Sunday I attended after Benaiah was born and Grandpa had a folio of pictures he unveiled to the congregation.  Nowadays, the family stories aren't shared as often, but that's ok.  I share them anyway!  Yes, that big one in the middle of this picture.  HE was that small.

Abishai checking out the new office furniture.  Trying to hide from Daddy.

When did the littlest kid become the biggest one?  They grow so fast and seeing these two together reminds me, wow, we've come so far!

They were playing peek a boo and run away from Daddy, and Abishai found the perfect hiding spot without prompting!  Something about an empty shelf, he and Justin like to find them!

I'm not here!  You can't see me!
Random thoughts:
I was messing around with some profile pictures and saw that I hadn't changed where I live currently on my "about" section.  So I changed it and wrote this on my FB page:

"I guess it's time to change where I currently live on my FB info page, sigh."

And continued talking about it in a message below that one:

"I'm getting there, though! Still not as pretty here as other places. I will travel again, if God wills it, maybe with this new ministry as the kids get older. Who knows? Trying to celebrate all the amazing things I learned from homeschool moms, Canadian history, restoration church life, Doctor Who and all things BBC, Anne of Green Gables musical, sea ice! Celebrating it as part of my experience rich life. Next time it comes up and someone says, "can't you just get past it?" I'm going to say, "Well, it's like grieving, you want to talk about your loved one, not bottle it up inside." Now, I have had a pouty attitude about it with a tinge of bitterness. But it's more of just a heavy sigh, those were good times, kind of thing now. Again, the grief cycle. But I am content, or at least trying to be and making the best of what we have here, grandparents, concerts, Children's Museum, etc. Good corn on the cob! Lol. I am doing it, and I will do it, because God of course is walking me through. I just realized I hadn't changed my location on FB. I am usually a little quicker on those things and was ready to do it a couple of months ago probably. Whoops!"

Just thought I'd share what I had written!

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