Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Year 2, Day 35: Lazy Day

It was a lazy day for some of us, a little too lazy for me, and by 4pm I was not happy I didn't get a whole lot "done."  Granted, most of my big projects have to wait until at least Tuesday because they are long phone calls (taxes, medicaid).  But I did stay home to rest, so I sort of did.  No nap for me, but I updated all my picture files and cleaned up my phone a bit.  I tried to keep Keturah and Abishai away from electronics, but it's so hard when I just want some quiet.  I was able to take the time to sit with Abishai and play a bit with the "new" toys we brought out from the other toy boxes.  I will put away some of the older toys this week.  I was also able to sit with Keturah and watch a song from Trolls, a movie, and explain to her that while the message was pretty good, you have to be careful not to use it against people, especially Mom and Dad.  It was about getting back up when you've fallen, which is awesome, but God is the one that helps you up, not just yourself.  And if a kid feels that their parents have knocked them down, it's not a reason to rebel and fight until you get your way.  I'm talking about parents that aren't abusive and are setting up the right boundaries and care about their children.

Anyway, that was pretty much our day at home.  Meanwhile, the boys had a GREAT DAY at Bible Bowl!  Benaiah played on Division 1's team, the team that is going to another bigger regional tournament next weekend at Kentucky Christian University (yes, it was Kentucky Christian College and it's where Audio Adrenaline got started as a band).  The team consisted of 3 Henry kids, Jamie, Ben, and Daniel.  The Henry's are the most devoted Bible Bowl family I know, probably putting in time and effort over the last 20 years or so.  It's their family's main "thing" so they study hard, do well, and win full ride scholarships to college!  But, they hadn't won anything yet this year, so to have one 1st place in their division this month was HUGE.  So proud of all their hard work over the last couple of months!  And then Justin had another Henry on his team (there's 9 kids in their family), Jordan, and a few other girls, and they WON first place also!  They were in Division 3 (there's 3 divisions total) and will move to Division 2 next month.  So, both of our boys got to bring home the trophies until the next practice on Wednesday!  Bible Bowl buys 1 trophy per division (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), and then whichever team wins it that month, they keep it for the month and bring it back to the next competition.  And then whoever has done the best overall for the year gets to keep it.  There's a cabinet full of trophies still at Indian Creek that has not been moved in years.  It's in the upper part of the old gym that's being converted into offices.  I'm actually very glad it's still there because so many other things have been moved around over the years.  Anyway, Indian Creek is known for having a great Bible Bowl program!  And the boys' teams won!  Way cool!

What else?  Abishai woke up to find the boys were gone, so he said his first 3 word sentence, "Baba all gone?  Baba all gone."  Awww, he loves his brothers!  He even asked for them and Daddy on the way to church.  Speaking of church, a nursery volunteer told me that Abishai had his hands clasped behind his back and went around the room checking on the other kids.  He's a leader, that's for sure, and a ham!  He ran all over and under the church pews tonight like he owned the place.  Oh wait, according to the older boys, Grandpa owns the place, so his grandkids can do whatever they want at church, or NOT.  Just the opposite.  Unless you're 2 and you're cute.  Then you can run around.  Lol.

Oh, and I have to include this.  So, Benaiah's English and Literature teacher, Mrs. McCollum, whom has become a great friend to me, has him and two other students writing out by hand in cursive a tongue twisting paragraph because their handwriting stinks!  You have no idea how hard that I and Grandpa Johnson have worked on Benaiah's handwriting.  I laughed though, and I applaud Mrs. McCollum for making it an assignment.  I hope it helps!

Abishai setting up and playing with his "new" toys! I have a bin just for the brightly colored toddler toys like these.  Most of them are Fisher Price or old Play Skool things from my childhood.  I have never been a fan of pastel colored toys.  And we don't have many gender specific colored toys.

Here's an exception to the gender neutral toys, Keturah's pink push stroller.  They couldn't find a doll, so they put a pink dog stuffed animal in it.  I guess Abishai needed a friend in the bathroom with him.

It looks like he's eating the trophy!  First place in Division III, Greenwood Area Bible Bowl tournament!  Wahoo!

I actually did the rest of the sewing for her, but the sock monkey is done!  I think she did 1/4 of the stitches.  It was a very hard project and I wouldn't recommend it to beginners.  But what Keturah did do, she did well!

A little crooked, but not bad for my and Keturah's first stuffed animal!  Seriously, I can sew buttons and anything with a straight line fairly well.  But stuffed animals, nope, not my thing!

Abishai found some old "bam bam's" from the hockey games in Canada, so I blew one up for them.  It's shaped like a hammer and nail from "The Home Depot."  Keturah wasn't sure if it's supposed to be "THE Home Depot" or just "Home Depot."  I guess I'd have to look up which way is right.

Last night, after a day being out and about, Benaiah decided to jump into doing one of Grandma's new puzzles.  He's also watched something on his iPod of course.

This is what happens when Jared leaves early in the morning and leaves the bacon out for me to cook up.  Yum!!  This is one area we don't follow his folks in.  I don't cook breakfast for Jared.  Like I don't think I've ever done it.  I never know what he wants, and he's the better cook, so why try?  Plus, I'm not getting up at 4:30 or whatever early times he has.  I'll stay in bed a few more minutes, thanks.  So, sorry, not sorry about the wonderful breakfast I made myself and ate cold because I'm always doing something else, too.

Jared drove around the parking lot a bit so he could get to 170,000 exactly tor this picture.  We bought the truck well loved, but we've put quite a few of our own miles on it.  Fun!

When you want to work from home and you have two beady eyes staring at you and saying your name.  (Jared put the pic on Twitter.)

This kid lacks fashion sense!  He's wearing white and read socks with black circles that look like buttons.  He got them at our co op sock exchange and the white cuffs sparkle!  He was concerned that other socks would give him too much toe jam.  He's super sensitive about clothing, and in general.
Tomorrow, Keturah has a big audition for a speaking part in kids' choir this semester.  So, please pray for her.  Our director is very good about letting most of the kids who tried out do something, anything.  Keturah has practiced and she's able to speak loudly and clearly, and use hand motions.  Super proud of her so far!  Yeah!

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