Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, February 10, 2017

Year 2, Day 41: Cousins

And now look at them!  So big!  We saw "The Lego Batman Movie" and it was hilarious!!!  If you need to laugh, go see this movie!  Lots of "easter eggs" to all kinds of comic book things and lots of sarcasm.  I can't wait to own and see this movie again!  It opened today, so you have plenty of time to see it!

After sending Jared and Benaiah off to the Bible Bowl tournament this weekend in Kentucky, we spent the whole day palling around with the cousins.  What fun we had!  From watching each other on electronic devices to having class with Grandpa in person and just over Skype, to going to see a movie, getting to see Shauna's sister Stasia at her new job, to looking around part of the township for a house for us, to playing board games, to playing bowling down the hallway at Grandma's, to eating lots and lots of sugar....it was a full and long day.  I'm pretty tired, so here it  goes.

I guess we went to the movies 7 years ago together, too.  But only Everly and Justin went.  The other two girls were too young.

Watching monster trucks from Grandpa's chair.  I guess Grandma has been letting Abisahi watch this old vhs that Grandpa Cook gave Uncle Aaron when he was a young boy.  Abishai knows where the VHS is and what it's about and how to turn the TV on.  I think he's getting pretty spoiled at Grandma's house on Mondays!
Playing Barbies, what girl cousins do best!
Playing the "board game" with Uncle Aaron and Aunt Shauna.  Yeah!  Later, Grandma and Mommy played with them and Aaron won.
Bible class with Grandpa.
After the movie and the long car rides, the kids were hot and wanted to play outside, so out they went!  Everyone except Nora.  She needed some alone time.  Abishai had a blast!  And so did Socks having playmates to play with!
Aunt Shauna and Uncle Aaron got a replacement hat for Abishai and he was so excited about it, he almost took his nap in it!  It's a bit big, but he loves it!
Keturah is just wearing a thin shirt outside because she got hot and she runs around and well, it's not THAT cold!  Maybe 40 degrees F.
Where is Abishai?  I can't find him!
Socks loves having people friends to play with!
I went ahead and finished Benaiah's puzzle for him.  It was s super easy puzzle..  
Another version of Abishai watching truck and train videos, this time on Grandma's laptop.
Lots of fun blowing down Grandma's hallway.
Baba set the pins up, while the girls waited to roll the ball.
They close all the doors and pick up the hallway rug in order to play.  I love how patient Abishai is waiting for the ball to roll down the "lane."

Then the middles opted to sleepover again at Grandma's house with the cousins.  So, I only have Abishai tonight and to look after in the morning.  Pretty quiet around here.  Yeah!  Super tired, too.  Good night!

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