Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Year 2, Day 46: When Mama's Brain is Tired

My sister in law and I had a great laugh after I published last night's post.  The title read, "Day 2, Year 45" instead of "Year 2, Day 45."  Whoops!  You can tell I don't often edit my blog posts.  It's fixed now, though.  As expected, today was a bit calmer, although there were some pretty nasty moments in there that I won't share.  Attitudes have been on the mean side lately, including my own, so we all just need to chill a bit.  Time to get back to basics, and that includes me reading my Bible, which is almost non existent these days and there's no excuse for that!  I was reading a tiny book about mild, meek, peaceful homeschooling and the writer spent a very long chapter hammering away at truths I already knew but really need to hear again: carve out time with Jesus every day.  Pick the same time of day.  Make it a point to do it.  I always have great intentions, and have plenty tools and a brand new Bible, but I'm just not in the habit.  That's probably the biggest thing I'm doing wrong and it's obviously causing a shift to the negative in my thinking and negatively impacting the kids' attitudes.  Thank the Lord, literally, that Jared's mind is solid rock 97% of the time.  And that's because he listens to his audio Bible every night and has for over 4 years, listening to the whole Bible at least once through every year, just like his dad has read through the whole Bible every year.  Like father, like son.  And Grandpa keeps nudging Benaiah along to do the same thing.  Keturah is working her way through her comic book Bible and I'm not sure where Justin is at on his Bible reading.  He's doing a lot with Bible Bowl and now doing Bible class again with Grandpa and we are doing Bible times in history, so he gets enough.  I think he does read it sometimes for pleasure.  Abishai just likes certain pictures in his Bible, like I have shown on here before.

Anyway, I'm just glad it was a full stay at home day until this evening where I had room to breathe.  Of course, I wasted time here and there, and now I feel like I didn't accomplish enough, but I did accomplish a few minor things like showering and laundry.

Flowers in early morning light!  They are HUGE!

Abishai wanted to explore his diaper bag and found the baby "leash."  So, I put it on Justin's wrist so that Justin could pretend he was a "go-go" aka dog, and Abishai could walk him.  Not sure why Abishai is carrying around the pillow.

Come on, Go-Go!

Then Abishai wanted to get Clifford, the red go-go, so I had the brilliant idea to introduce him to the TV show!

Yeah for YouTube again!  Found episodes of Clifford very easily.  Abishai liked it!

Skype decided to do an update just when we were switching kids during Bible class so I was just putting Skype on this new android tablet that the family got for free, and boom, it worked!  Yeah!  The tablet is for mostly educational purposes, and it is not a gaming device.  I already put Covenant Eyes on it and blocked YouTube and other things with a parental code.

Keturah's ark for Bible class.  She still likes using the label maker.  I had to beg her to build it up more and add a roof.

Thank goodness we had a frame for the bottom of the boat.  Now, the kids know that the Ark was more like a rectangle box and only had one door and one window at the top and it wasn't some cutesy cartoonish boat you see in most children's Noah's Ark picture books.

Flowers in afternoon light.


Keturah did Abishai's reading with him tonight.  There's a long list of books he wants me to read to him every single night.  And if I try to stop before I read them all, he gets upset.  Yes, he's a book loving Johnson!

Cute!  Cute book, too, that has a picture of a baby on the right side and it says, "what does baby see?" and you turn the page with the hole in it, and it reveals a picture of ordinary life (maybe in WWI or WWII era because the Dad is in military gear, and probably in England based on Dad's outfit, pouring tea in the afternoon, and vehicles in the background.)  It's adorable!

Having fun at church while brothers are in Bible Bowl.  Benaiah is working with one of the tech guys at church sometimes after school, so he was already at church so Jared just stayed there after work.  I brought Justin down just in time for class.  Then Jared chased the younger two around while I read and rested.

He ran up and down the hallways and climbed all over the chairs, and even bumped into the table once with his head!  He also tried to enter the classrooms during Bible Bowl and chased Benaiah down every time he saw him.

I cinched in the waist of Abishai's new pj pants because it was huge and falling off.  He was very excited to wear the whole Thomas outfit from his Aunt and Uncle.  He also has a new word: BUS!  He recognizes buses in books, even double decker red ones, and he looks around when he hears the school bus or public bus go by our condo.  And of course he loves his oversized bus that he runs up and down the hallways with.
Time for some more laundry and homeschool planner updates.

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