Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Year 2, Day 51: School on President's Day

Well, that was an odd day.  First, we had some nice thick fog to drive through on our way to co op.  But that was fine.  We were the third family there, which is nice because we weren't late.  We had a total of 8 kids and 2 adults missing today because one boy a little older than Justin broke his wrist yesterday, so he and his mom couldn't come.  Then one family was sick.  And the other two kids that were missing went to spend a week with their grandma.  And because only 1 of our 1st graders were going to be there, she was given the option to stay home, which she did.  That meant that I had no class to teach during the 1st hr.  I'll save our activity for next week, no problem.

Abishai and I still played in our classroom because there are many more things to play with than over in the gym.  Then at lunch, the moms decided to just hurry up with a few assignments and cut the day short.  Therefore, my other class, math tutoring, was canceled.  They had a short botany lesson but no gym today.  Which was ok because we went to the park as planned, but just a couple of hours sooner than we had thought.  I drove to the park and saw all the kids and thought, "Why are all these kids here on a school day?"  Oh yeah, it's President's Day, there's no school.  I still don't understand why we have so many Monday holidays and why they need to interrupt my kids' schooling and mail delivery.  But anyway.

We spent a couple of hours at the park and then went home.  Abishai had a great time hanging out with Benaiah and his friend Ethan (we are going to nickname him  "E" I think so Abishai can say his name.)  Jared picked him up on his way home from the church, which was nice because I was able to make a couple of phone calls and get things ready for the rest of the week like meal planning.  And that's about it.  Oh, I did listen to a seminar on using natural lighting when taking portraits and such.  That was fun to learn.  I know that 9pm is a perfect time for most people when watching a webinar, but it is very hard for me because that's when the kids finally settle down, or at least they are supposed to be asleep by 9, but lately it's been 9:30.  It would be better for me if the webinars were lately.  But I at least got to listen to one tonight for a change.

The rest of the week is very quiet with one appointment for me on Thursday, and then maybe ice skating and a movie at church on Friday.

Check out this cute video from today!  Abishai Dancing!

Foo-foo!  This Fisher Price Little People train makes noise and he plays with it every week.  He had the idea of putting the cup on the train, not me!  He even moved the other people around so the cup would fit.  Smart boy!  Oh, and he found the trash can for one of his snack wrappers without being asked!

Great new toddler toy!  Lots of lights and gadgets.  Abishai was trying too hide in there, but we could still see him.

It was nearly 65 degrees today, maybe 70 in the sun, so the kids got to have recess outside today.

Keturah slip sliding down the pool.

The 4 kids from the 3-6th grade class.

One of our 6th graders.  She's great at this stuff!  We even saw a boy do a flip off of here to get down.  We went to our park because it was closest.  I was in charge of this months' "after school fun time.  I wrote down "ice skating/sledding."  Um, no.  Too costly and no one wanted to do it!  Most families went home today, so it was just 3 families that went to the park.

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