Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Year 2, Day 43: Exciting News!

No, no, no, not THAT kind of news, guys and gals.  I am NOT pregnant.  Lol.  Besides, if I were, I wouldn't tell you for a LONG time, that's how we do it.  But no, there's no plans for that to happen.

Anyway, we have a couple of rock stars in our family.  First, Keturah got a part in the children's choir musical for this semester.  Mrs. Christy said that it's more than a one liner, but not a major role.  Keturah will now be called, Kaitlyn!  Following right in Benaiah's footsteps with a desire to be on stage.  Benaiah played a main character in the one of the musicals when he was in 4th grade.  It was a hoot to watch him do it and I'm sure Keturah's going to be great, too.

Now, for even bigger news, which I'll copy and paste from my Facebook post because a) I'm fading fast and b) it captures my excitement from a few hours ago much better than retyping it here.

From Facebook:
Post 1: Well now, my big boy and his team each won about 2/3 (I could be off depending on how much school costs these days) of a year worth of college at KCU this weekend!! Say what?! How stinking cool is that?! I don't know all the ins and outs, but this isn't a tiny scholarship, peeps. I understand Bible Bowl is for fun and there's a bigger reason to memorize Scripture, but, what an incredible bonus! The Lord is providing again! Cuz, ah, yeah, we don't even own a house, nevermind have anything saved for retirement OR college. So, the kids are totally on their own to pay for their after high school schooling. Way to go Benaiah and his team! I bet you all are super stoked! Woot! Woot! (BTW, I would assume KCU credits transfer easily to other Bible schools, so, here's looking at you KCU for a year of schooling with B). Sweet!

Post 2: Ok, ok, really, I can't stop jumping up and down! God has answered a prayer before we even asked Him! I can NOT believe as a 9th grader, Benaiah has money for college! I'm so super stoked and so super proud of him. And to think he almost didn't go! What a huge huge blessing! BTW, KCU is not very far from Michael W. Smith's hometown and it's a beautiful area, so, I'll have fun visiting him (cuz, well, he's going to use what he's been given.) So glad he wants to be a youth minister and already knows he wants to go to Bible college. Now, I cannot wait to see what God has in store in providing housing for us in 3 months time. Yes, 3 months until another move, can you believe it? Right in the middle of the end of the school year. Eek! We Johnsons never do it the easy way, do we? But try to give it our all and do our best. Just as I was telling Keturah about building a true Noah's Ark out of Lego for Grandpa: we don't focus on perfectionism, but we do our absolute best and do not just slap things together to get them done. We go for mastery over "can I study just enough to get that B I need." Excellence within our abilities, nothing more, nothing less. And obviously, Benaiah has studied well for Bible Bowl and his schoolwork, and contributed to his team. And he pours himself into people and learning things (even if it's just for a short while like for a rubix cube). He has made some pretty major mistakes in the last few years, but he certainly has made up for it and continues to work hard at growing up. And if he truly is his Dad's mini me, I think he's going to turn out just fine, even better than fine, and not because I or Jared did everything perfect. But boy does it feel good to be a part of the process and see some fruit of our labors (literally). Way to go Benaiah and the team!

All that to say that Benaiah has a piece of paper that says if he is accepted into Kentucky Christian University, he has $12,000 worth of free tuition sitting there waiting for him!  Now, appararntly, this Christian colleges are more like $20-25k a year, but still, 1 semester worth of college for free? We'll take it!  And Gary and Benaiah learned more about a cooperative program between UIndy and Southside where Benaiah could take dual credits (for high school and college) for really, really cheap.  I asked Benaiah to gather more information on it, but I guess it's an option.  It does kind of bust a little bubble of a dream I have going on in my head for next year, but I'm trying to stay open to all options.  Therefore, more information needs to be gathered first.  I took college classes during my high school years, so it is appealing.  We shall see as they say.

Meanwhile, we were able to get up to speed on all our co op homework today, even after some protesting.  It's not ideal for any of us to be doing schoolwork on a Sunday, but sometimes, we just have to buckle down and do it.  I had told Keturah she couldn't have TV time today and tomorrow because of her attitude, but I relented because when she dug into her work, she worked hard and did it mostly by herself.  She's becoming very good at looking things up in a printed dictionary and she's become much faster at writing down answers.  She and Justin found the new game Daddy downloaded on the PS4 that they can play together, so they started making plans for it, just like they do for Minecraft.  I can't knock time playing together and getting along, right?

I asked Justin if he did anything special this week I could report about, and he shrugged his shoulders.  It wasn't his best week.  He's starting to really think deeply about some things and noticing more and more how hard relationships can be.  He was not happy that the cousins and Keturah didn't want to really play with him this week.  And he doesn't understand why other kids he comes in contact with tease him or argue with him or be mean to him sometimes.  I think he's just at that preteen stage where his brain is a little mushy and he's trying to figure out where he belongs in the world.  And because he's very tender hearted, these things really affect him.  He's definitely that middle child peacemaker type.

Then there's the OCD last child, who doesn't stop, unless he's sleeping for a 4 hr nap this afternoon.  Then jump up, let's go, and run around the church and Grandpa's house again, eating cookies, popcorn and chicken.  Wild child, and yet so neat and clean.  Crazy kid!

Abishai took the dispoable diapers out of the bathroom and lined them up, every so carefully, fussing over each one's placement.  Then he re made his creation in other spots.

Our bedroom.

Transporting diapers from one place to the next.

He's very picky and will adjust them often to suit his needs.

He can even do it on his stomach!


Now, I'll them here for a minutes.

No, I think they need to line up with the bar that goes between the kitchen and hallway.  But yes, adjust, adjust, adjust.

I had to prop up the stem, but check out this beauty.  It opened up really well   And there's another stem on it's way up.  Yeah!
Definitely fading here....more pics from today on tomorrow's blog post.  Good night.

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