Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, February 27, 2017

Year 2, Day 58: Feeling Yucky

The temperatures have gone from 70 degrees to 30 degrees and that makes for a really hurting mama.  I woke up this morning with restless legs and achy all over (not flu though).  It was overcast, too, today, and I wasn't the only one feeling yucky.  Several of the homeschool co op moms said the same thing, and so did Jared.  Not sure what's going on with my stomach either.  But, we made it through the day. With a couple of moms and a few kids absent today, we all had to pitch in at lunch time, despite how we felt.  Slow and steady was how the day went.

We did find a listing of a house that is extremely promising, so that was a plus.  But when it comes to discussions about how to set up house or what changes we need to make in schooling, makes for some tough discussions because we simply don't and probably won't totally agree.  Conflict is exhausting and my brain can't handle most of it.  And it doesn't help my pain levels either.

But the house is promising and maybe, just maybe I can start dreaming again.  I've had so many dreams that have been drastically changed that it's simply too hard to dream and get my hopes up.  Because every time I do, I feel like Satan is right there next to me kicking me in the stomach.

And that's how I feel tonight.  Tomorrow we'll be home all day and we'll get right into our work because we have other events, like looking at homes, later on in the week.

Nothing out of the normal happened with the kids today.  They all did their normal thing.  Keturah is excited about putting lots of color on her very first research poster.  We've never done a research poster in our homeschool.  Justin didn't want to "complicate" things, so he picked the top two lesser known USA monuments to do his poster on.  Have I told you that they have an awesome history teacher?  She and I had some great talking time today while the kids did math games and had their gym class.  Abishai didn't want baba to ride on the ride on toy with him at Grandma's house.  And he wanted to sit in Keturah's seat on the ride home.  Benaiah's somewhere doing something, hopefully homework.  And I can't find my headphones and I just want my pillow and blankets.  Jared's watching his comedy shows and reading emails.

All his idea, Abishai started "walking the line" in the gym today.

He was saying "foo foo" as he walked the black line.  I think he though they were railroad tracks!

Playing with geometric shapes!

Doing one of the harder puzzles!

These guys built this big tower of shapes and wanted to keep going!

Aw, poor Socks wanted to come home with us!  We are excited to have him back in a couple of months!

Next time when we are on a true family vacation, I will beat Gary and Shauna at Scrabble!  Check out this score I made on the word "quit"!  102 points!!!!!!
Tomorrow is a new day.

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