Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, February 17, 2017

Year 2, Day 48: Projects

I worked on a couple of projects today, actually, I take that back, on several projects....laundry being one of them (two full loads to put away!) I had to wait to do one load because Abishai's blankie needed to be washed and that could only be done first thing in the morning and then being home to switch it to the dryer for it to be ready by naptime.  Now, he has gone down for naptime without it, but....why take that chance?  I was just behind putting everything away.  Anyway, then I've been trying to clear my desk of this or that project (although more projects keep accumulating), and one time sensitive one was Abishai's 2 year old pics as you'll see below.  I hope to afford to do an in studio one at Sears or JCPenny or something soon.  But, another project on the list is a budget and just how it's not stretching very far right now.  So, I at least have the home ones done.  I did get to read a bit today, and it was a lighter day on school because the kids worked hard earlier in the week.  We took the PS4 over to Grandma's house so the 4 boys (yes, that includes Abishai) could play it on Grandpa's bigger screen TV (our screen is plenty big, but Grandpa's is humongous!) and Keturah and I came home.  We dug out my old sewing kit and started working out another project.  I also worked on some picture uploads so I am up to date.  Did you know that I took 10,000 photos in the last year?  Yup!  That includes the not so good ones and probably the cell phone ones, too.  That's a lot of uploading to CD's and Snapfish as backups, as well an external hard drive and on their original memory cards.  And now that memory card is nearly full so I ordered a new one and it came yesterday.  I'm sure I will need it within the next week.

So, without further chit chat, here's the pics of the day.

This is PEI in June.  But it's also Indiana in February?  Fine, whatever, enjoy it, but it doesn't mean much to me when we haven't had winter yet.  My head needs true seasons.  So do flowers and trees.  That is all.

What a doll!  He could be in a magazine!

Melts our heart!

Pulled the chair over to the sliding glass door so I could get some natural light and I'm so glad I did!  Big boy in the red chair!
2 years old!

He posed himself!

Pinchy good bye!

This captures his personality: fun loving!

Perfect photo!  Frame worhty!  The dimples, the smile, the blue yes and blonde hair.

I was trying to incorporate the ballon bouquet from yesterday, but it didn't turn out quite right.  Plus Abishai was done being in the chair.

Then I went for the bum shot of the diaper again because when you pay for a diaper as much as I did, you include it whenever you can.

Pretty good.

Baba came play with me and the balloons!

Better bum shot!  And yes, he's the same size as he was a year ago.

No! I don't want to stand still for the perfect bum shot!

When I moved the chair, Abishai thought I was going to move the end table around to allow access to the drawers again.  Well, I didn't intend to at first, but I thought, ok fine, do with them whatever you want to, they're just cards.  He tried setting up a card game!

It took 3 tries for Justin to listen well enough to get this shot.  Tweens. 
Where's Justin?

One more time, because who can resist cute baby legs?

Apparently all flat things are now "Ha-Hats!" including coasters.

And crocheted coasters.
The big boys never liked hats.  Keturah and Abishai love them.  And Abishai can put on his own hats, including the new one from Uncle Aaron.  Cutest firefighter around!

Keturah is designing her own 9 patch baby doll quilt!  She's going to use fabric I bought when I was probably her age.  It took a few tries, but I think we have a plan.

Grandma Howell used to do this very exact thing with graph paper and colored pencils.

Here are the lovely fabrics for the front of the quilt.  It's going to be 1 ft by 2 ft, which is plenty big for a first project.  Pretty much doll size.  I hope she's got some patience because it's going to take awhile to do!  Grandma Howell would be proud of us for attempting it.  She used to teach girls ages 8-12 or so in a group called "Country Girls" how to do all kind of handiwork like knitting, sewing, needlepoint, crochet, crosstitch, etc.  I'll never be a great teacher or crafter like my mother, but I still try in her honor.

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