Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Year 2, Day 57: Another Quiet Day

Yes, it's almost too quiet around here.  Which makes me lazy because I don't have to stay on top of things.  Not much to tell, so I'll just share the pics.

I found a page on Facebook called, "Canada, Eh?" and spent 30 minutes scrolling through pictures that were funny memes, or sayings, (some anti USA sentiments), and was so happy that I understand most of what they were alluding to.  Loved this one, though, especially since we are studying that this week in history!

It's funny and cool to make your cars drive off a cliff.

It's also funny to make your son trip trying to get in and out of the kitchen.  Justin is starting to really spurt up, too.  But always lanky!

Justin is such a lightweight.

Waiting on lunch.  Let's eat cars, Mom!  Keturah is sitting in the lower baby seat and Abishai has the high seat.

Because of their sassy attitudes and continuous bickering between them, I didn't allow these two any electronic time today.  Surprisingly, they did cooperate and have a grand time playing games together.  Which proves my point that they don't have to fight all the time!

Keturah made a lot of puzzles.  AND, we were able to match up a missing piece from the little things I meticulously saved when we moved with its' puzzle!  Yeah!  One mom I know likes to find random puzzle pieces and throws them out.  Then she can say, well, the puzzle is missing pieces, we can throw it out now.  Nope, not this mom!  I save every piece and every sock and eventually I do make matches!

Like this!  I think I now have all the wooden blocks from a geometric set together in one place again.  I also have a nearly full domino set that I believe was my brother's.  And then the bucket is full of two sets of jenga blocks and the new clear box taken from another box is all the new Thomas trains and sets.

Justin and I palyed Bibleopoly today!  He won!  It's a much quicker game than regular Monopoly because the goal is to build a church and not to own everything on the board.

We also did all the experiments that were in this month's Magic School Bus monthly subscription package.  We hadn't tried the other ones we got yet.  The subscription was a Christmas present for the family.

Anybody remember this 80's toy?  I have made all the samples on both sides of the box that my parents saved that goes with the set.  I used to sort the colors and sizes, too.  Keturah likes this set a bit.  I made the parrot from the back of the cardboard box.

Having his dinner, complete with his car friends, at church while his siblings do their thing.

And so it begins!  Yeah for Keturah!

Now who's the king of the world?  Don't worry, I was very careful to step away only for a second and he was very obedient.

There's glass between him and I in this little triangle made by the open doors.

Sneaking up to the top portion of the old gym at church.

Watching the big kiddos play ball.  He LOVES the big kids!  In fact, he tapped several times on Benaiah's friend Ethan's leg to get his attention.  I can only imagine being that small and looking straight up at these giant teenagers.  He wants to be with the big kids a lot.
This picture was taken 6 months ago.

And this one was about a month ago.  I don't know about you, but Benaiah's changed a ton lately.  I think he's taller and heftier.  He's just so big!  Ah!

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