Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Year 2, Day 52: Great day!

Wow! I let the kids sleep in a bit this morning and when they woke up, they actually didn't fight and go their homework done easily an quietly this morning.  We also got a lot accomplished this afternoon, too.  Life goes more smoothly when you have enough sleep and you have no obligations outside the home for that day.  I did have a new Mom's Night Out to attend but it was around the corner at the Texas Roadhouse near our house.  For the record, I have eaten at Texas Roadhouse like 3 times in 2 months and I'm over it.  Too loud.  Too pricey for what you get.  And the food is just ok.  Take me back to cheap Steak and Shake thanks.  Anyway, the conversation was somewhat of a "get to know you" because this particular group comes from all kinds of other homeschool co ops and churches, but they all mostly live on the east side of Indianapolis.  It's part of a group that plans field trips or get togethers and they use yahoo groups to organize the events.  I guess some might not be on Facebook.  Anyway, it was great company for the evening.

I ate before I left because I didn't want to eat a huge plate of food, and I'm glad I did because we had to wait to be seated.  But what I did eat an appetizer and now I'm way too stuffed.  Anyway, I came home to two kiddos somewhat in bed, and the 2 year old, who slept 4 hrs today for naptime, still awake on the couch watching monster truck movies with Daddy with only his diaper and pj shirt on.  I had to clean the kitchen up from supper because I left as soon as Jared came home  So, it was another late evening of putting the kids to bed because Abishai also needed Mommy story time which replaced our evening nursing sessions.  I'm glad he didn't get upset when I didn't read his whole stack, though.  I can only read so many!

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed....

.....both fell down and laughed and laughed!

Now fall down on your face! 
Keturah searched her drawers for shorts on purpose because she thinks it's summer.

Abishai has this great dance now!  With lots of hand clapping and swaying!  It's adorable!

Baba's turn for rough housing!  Yeah for homeschooling so we can play in between lessons!

Fun stuff!

Keturah and Abishai took the rest of the decorations down from Abishai's party and Keturah stuck the tape pieces on Abishai's head.

The things we get into when we are at home all day.  I think they look the little paper butterflies from that elephant game we have where the elephant's trunk spits out the butter flies for you to catch.

Keturah called them bows!

Check out the color of that broth!  Yum!  I received this huge back of what I thought was another whole chicken or turkey and instead it was a bag of chicken thighs and legs.  So, I fit as many as I could into the put, put some thyme and cilantro and salt and pepper on it with a little water and coked it my favorite way to cook meats: in the crockpot.  I added the yellow potatoes about 1 hour before we were going to eat and they were very soft and yummy.  I think I may make chicken chili or soup tomorrow because homemade bone broth, yum!

I came home to find that my toilet seat was already occupied.  Sigh.  Just like Legos, this household will never be rid of the "dinky" or hot wheel or match box cars.  Never.  They show up everywhere!

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