Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Year 2, Day 49: Horse Therapy

After a frustrating morning not knowing what to focus on next and really looking at our budget and our big wants/needs for the year, I was a hot mess.  Thankfully, I had a baby shower to go to for a friend's son and his fiance', a friend with a pasture full of horses.  It was a huge party and I felt pretty overwhelmed.  Thankfully, my friend Alisha came, and we snuck out of the party and down to the horses for a good portion of the afternoon.  It was just what we needed.  I needed to talk to someone and pet the horses and be outside.  It was 70 degrees, mind you, in the middle of February.  Crazy Indiana weather.  I didn't take any pictures of the horses because I just didn't want to.  Just like I told some vloggers recently, you don't have to document every part of your life.  It's not a vlogging fail if we don't see where you ate and what you ate, you know?  Anyway, I came home and Jared rushed out the door to take Justin to Gary and Leah's for an overnight so he could go with them to his Sunday School class at the 9:15, but we'll meet up with him at the 11 because we had to miss tonight because of the baby shower.  Jared also took Justin and Keturah somewhere to finally get Keturah's bike tire fixed.  Yeah! On the way home from dropping off Justin, Jared took Keturah house hunting way out in the country somewhere I think.  I actually did my own house hunting in Acton, because I was a little early to the party after doing some errands that didn't take as long as I thought.

All in all, it was a little of this and a little of that.  Jared made some kind of stew mixture for the kids.  I've been horrible at meal planning lately, but there is good food in the fridge somewhere.  I'm off to maybe finish proofing some picture cd's and cutting Keturah's fabric for sewing.   Tomorrow is church, dinner with the folks, choir, and youth group.  Keturah has to be at choir for 2 hrs now that she has a part in the play so they can use her during blocking.  The first hour is for actors and the 2nd hour is for the whole choir to learn their songs.  Should be fun to watch come April!  I'm very, very glad her rehearsal is at the same time as the boys' youth group.  One less night out a week is essential right now.

This was on Facebook, and whether or not all these statements are really true, it's kind of neat, especially since Jared does drink both tea and coffee.

Abishai enjoying a little Thomas on the tablet in our nursing chair.  He's getting so big!

Check out those toes!

Close up of toddler right hand, just because I can.

Toddler left hand.

Toddler left foot, actually being still for once!

Cute right foot of toddler!

Holding up the tablet with his foot!

The baby shower was all woodland creatures themed with a cute owl shaped fruit display and a hedgehog cheeseball.  The mom is very creative and she made this cake!

This is Justin's creation from a couple of days ago.

Very creative.

I pulled the chair away from the desk and he pulled it back over and used the box under the desk to get up on the chair.  Lil' stinker!

Afro circus, afro circus! - Madagascar 3

Abishai loves it when his siblings read to him.  I actually had to fix this book again tonight.  Keturah ripped it apart when she was little and it's been read 100 times at least. 
I want to read with Justin on his bed and I want Mom to come up too!  No thank you!

Helping Sissy do homework yesterday.

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