Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Year 2, Day 42: Needing to Detox

Oh my, family is fun, but now it's time to detox, i.e. get back to the routine of home and school etc.  In fact, Keturah has homework to finish for Monday, so we are going to do a full day of school tomorrow.  Yes, it's a Sunday, but since we were off Wednesday through Friday, I think it's fair.  It will make Monday and Tuesday go much smoother.  My introverted kids are just tired and overstimulated from people time.  And that's ok, we can get back into our normal schedule and move on.  I'm glad people are flexible and we can bounce from one thing to another without causing harm.  We are amazing creatures!  Except for my body, it definitely has not been happy with the shift in routine.  Part of it is figuring out when and how much B6 vitamin to take, and I think I found the routine for it.  1/2 a capsule (so 100 mg of B6) every 3rd day.  I felt extremely tired today.  I took my last dose on Tuesday.  If I had taken a dose yesterday (Friday), I think I would have been ok.  I'm going to test my theory and see how it goes.  Plus, my heart didn't race today after I took it and I felt a burst of energy after we got home from church.  (I almost fell asleep at church though!  Whoops!)

Anyway, Jared texted today that the Bible Bowl team was 14 games won and 8 games lost.  Wow!  That's AWESOME!  They were ranked 5 out of 12 or 13 teams for the competition.  Very, very proud of them.

The middles didn't come home until 1pm, so it was pretty quiet this morning.  In fact, Abishai was so tired that he fell asleep on the couch watching Thomas around 12.  Which means he woke up when the kids came come.  Thus we went to the 4pm service instead of the 5:30 so we could get home, eat, and get all the kids into bed early.  Plus, we got to play outside before it got dark after we came home from church.  Abishai was in heaven with the fresh air!  It was 63 degrees out!  I can't wait to be able to let him play outside more regularly when we have a yard again (hopefully this summer).  Oh, Keturah actually did take a nap this afternoon and now at 9:30pm she can't fall asleep.  Eek!  I guess we'll have to remember that for next time.

Ok, a few pics and then I need to be a little more productive tonight.

I attempted to bake again.  These are peanut butter/almond butter, banana, low sugar, paleo (no grains or flours), with dk. chocolate mm's muffins.  They are ok.  Pretty gooey.  I don't know what it is, but any muffins that aren't made with regular flour or a blend of rice flour/tapioca/cornstarch and such just doesn't taste great.  Abishai and Justin each ate one.  I just want a real muffin!

He asked me to put the doggie stuffed animal behind him to snuggle with.  This was after a bath, so he just has a diaper on.  I was on my computer for like 20 minutes and then realized, oh wait, he's probably asleep because he's so quiet.  And sure enough, he was.  And he was snoring!  He also slept with me from 3:30 to 7:30am this morning, partly because he was missing his siblings.  He wanted the doggie and Keturah's blanket in his crib, too. Aw.

Because I have no patience with complicated recipes, I sent this little brownie snowball kit over to the inlaws for the nieces and Keturah to do.  Shauna was nice enough to go ahead and do it with them.  They look great!  I wish I could eat one!
Just a little crazy schedule for Jared and Benaiah at the Bible Bowl competition this weekend at Kentucky Christian University.  The same college that Audio Adrenaline came from!

We've got great, but goofy, kids on our team, don't you think?

The next pictures are from various times this past week.  I locked ourselves out of the condo, but not out of the building, so at least we were warm.  We had to wait for Daddy to come rescue us.

OOOO, snow!

We had some snow that slowed us down on our way up to Michigan.  And yeah, the Gary's lightweight Veloster in not so fun to drive in the snow.

The coated front of the car!

Jared was interviewed about the road conditions while we were at the gas station.

During the visitation, the kids were allowed to play in the toddlers' room.  They loved playing with the puppet theater.  They all did really well at not running around and getting in people's way during the whole day.

We got to pick treats out when we stopped at the gas station near Gas City, Indiana coming home from Michigan with Grandma.  Keturah picked some sour rope things.  I got a cappucino.  And Abishai got the biggest back of puffed cheese curls he could find.  Have cheetos will travel!  

The snowball kit.

Part of our crazy Friday that included the Lego Batman movie and half priced shakes!  They were wild before they drank all that sugar.  And yes, I got one, too, which I hadn't one in over a month.  Black raspberry chocolate chip, my new favorite!  Then we spent the rest of the evening playing games and talking.

Oh, after Steak and Shake, we went to where Shauna's sister works.  The kids were crazy and needed to stretch their legs, so I let them play in a parking space to burn off some the wiggles.  They had a blast!  And apparently, Keturah is Canadian because she doesn't need a coat!

One way to keep the 4 of them quiet when the parents are still sleeping.

Today, this stir crazy kid who only slept 45 minutes had a blast jumping on my bed.

He literally said, "hide, hide, hide!"  He thinks if he puts his hands over his face, or buries his head under a pillow, that we can't see him.  He doesn't understand that he needs to hide his whole body.

From snow in Michigan to 63 degrees F tonight.  Abishai couldn't stop smiling and he's really, really fast on his tricycle!  He threw a huge fit when it was time to go in.

Woah, I've never gotten this notice before!  This must be a new form for taxes.  It says something like "Use this document to prove that you have health insurance because the federal government requires it."  I roll my eyes, because I would rather pay doctors directly than go through all these hoops of insurance and in fact, I DO pay doctors directly because the doctors I need aren't covered.  Nor are the tests!  Anyway, as an accountant, seeing a new tax form/document is interesting.

Yeah!  I got my new flexi today!  "Morning Joy!"  Perfect for tea and coffee lovers alike!  It does run a bit small though, which I'm finding all the new flexis are a bit smaller in size.

The 2 second up do.  Weird angle because Justin took  the picture.  Soon enough he'll be looking at me eye to eye though.  Can't wait to wear this flexi everywhere!  Ask me how you can earn this for free!
Ok, that's it.  Everything is up to date.  Except this nasty headache.  Time to stay away from sugar and caffeine again.  Plus I think fluorescent and LED lights give me a headache as well.  I can't wait until they change the stage again at church.  It really does give me a headache.  Fibro sensitivity is a real thing.  Anyway, back to work tomorrow!

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