Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year 2, Day 1: Newness

Hi! It's a new year! I haven't put much thought into what the blog will look like this year, so I think for now, I'll just continue on with it daily.  And if I missed a day, then I won't go back and try to fill in the gaps.  I enjoy writing, I enjoy loading up pictures, and Abishai is still doing brand new things weekly, if not daily.  So, until this gets to be a chore, I'll continue.

These pictures are of the last few days, so bear with me.

Saturday, New Year's Eve: The oldest 3 kids stayed awake with us to ring in the new year!  That's a first for us!  Abishai had a late and long nap so he was awake until 10:30pm!  It was crazy fun to be altogether and purposefully staying awake!  Jared and I got to show the kids some PDA, too.  Hehehe, there will be no doubt in their minds that we are madly in love.  *smile*

3 babies in their pj's because we don't go out often, just hanging out together in 1 bed.  Sibling love!

This kiddo knows his stuff! He picked out the police cars, "wee oo wee oo," out of a stack of cars and does recognize them on the road, especially with their sirens on.  Then he has Justin's two race cars, and then a bunch of micro machines.  All organized.

Justin didn't ask for help when making fish sticks.  He said, "I'm going to make fish sticks."  Well, I thought he had it handled, but instead, he had no clue.  He put the fish sticks in the mircowave for 4 minutes!  Yeah, no one could eat them.  Poor guy, lesson learned!  Ask for help, or try to think logically.

Abishai wanted Benaiah to enjoy some snuggle time with him and fry girl "Goldie" (yes from Steak and Shake) and pink Popple.

"I'm going to beat you Teensy, in like 5 minutes!"  Try 20 minutes with interruptions.

I had saved some leftover Christmas "poppers" from Canada, that you see over in Britain as well, which are these tubes that have a paper hat, a joke, and a little gift.  Does anyone know where you can find them in the states?  I thought it was pretty neat because we would see them on our British TV shows when they had Christmas episodes.

New American tradition: peppermint chocolate peeps!  Peeps aren't just for Easter anymore!

My peeps with their peeps!

Abishai helping Baba beat Dad at chess.  He just wanted all the pieces to himself.

Benaiah was pretending to eat them as Abishai was feeding them to him.  Goofballs.

Little Miss started zoning out about 10:30, but she hung in there and stayed awake until 12:15am!  We watched a live stream of NYC, but it was mostly this repetitive beatbox thing and not the real music that was being preformed.

Hanging out together.

1 minute after midnight, after drinking our special drinks, and giving hugs and kisses, Justin jumps up and says, "Yeah! It's Sunday!  I can now open my AT-ST walker!" He was told he had to spread out the making of his new Legos so the enjoyment would last longer.  He hadn't talked about the walker all day, but apparently it was on his mind.  And no, he wasn't allowed to open the bags inside, just the box and he could make it later in the day after some sleep.

I beat both boys at Monopoly!  Lord of the Rings monopoly!  I ended up getting the dark blues and then landing on free parking (where all the fees go like taxes and property taxes and what not, at least that's how we play), building up those properties and bam, they both landed on them once and they were bankrupt.  Score!
 Sunday, New Year's Day
Justin gave his bed a makeover and set his bunnies here in the drawer that is actually holding his boombox.  He wanted the boombox within reach, but not actually in his bed.  He said he put the bunnies there so his bed/room would be "more welcoming."

And the final Lego set of the year has been made and added to the collection,.  I present to you, the AT-ST Walker!  It's really cool!

Extremely intelligent child was playing with his cars, when he looks over to his left and saw the kleenex box.  He then pulls the box over so he can use it like a ruler to arrange his cars perfectly.  Genius!

Starting the year off right, at church!  And we got to sit up high (something Jared prefers not to do).  AND we got to hear Mark Miller preach.  Oh how I miss Mark's adult Sunday School class!  He's been around the Creek just as long as Gary has, but preaches and teaches with a different, yet still passionate style.

Keturah and I had an impromptu girls' date while Abishai and Justin got some guy time with Jared, Benaiah and Socks.  We had to get some lunch first, and Steak and Shake was too long of a wait, so we went next door to McD's.  She got a happy meal again, so now we have 3 annoying characters from "Sing."

Our next highly anticipated movie date: The Lego Batman Movie.  And boy does it look great!  Can't wait!

Mother/daughter date! (And selfie!)

These are now the "normal" seats at our local theater.  And they jacked up the price because of it.  A 2:15pm Sunday afternoon showing of a brand new movie, NOT 3D, NOT Imax still cost $22!!  Are we still in Canada when it comes to movie ticket prices?  These seats recline very far and are comfortable, but still, I would prefer the normal seats and cheaper prices.  The movie itself was excellent.  Great funny moments, intact families, momma pig went back to her home as a stay at home mom, papa pig recognizes that it's hard work, lots of great snippets of all kinds of genres of songs, etc. etc.  It's one that you should see at one point.  One reference to "butts" by some bunnies auditioning, but that was in the trailer for it, so Keturah had already used her discernment and said she would ignore that.  "Sing" is what the movie was called.

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