Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Year 2, Day 2: Spring?!

It was really warm today, and tonight, we are having a full on thunderstorm!  I'm sorry, but rain depresses me and I would rather see 3 feet of snow fall in 24-48 hrs than just get wet with bucketloads of rain.  It doesn't feel right to me, and never has, and probably never will, not to have snow in the winter months.  Today, it was just as warm as it is in May on PEI, in the 50's F. The kids were out playing with no jackets on.  I really like the fact that the snow reflected the sun and was so bright.  It was just so pretty.  Sigh. It's going to take me at least this "winter," if not the next few "winters," to get used to not having the snow again.  You can take a girl out of New Hampshire/New England, but you just can't take the NH/NE out of the girl I'm afraid.  Oh yeah, don't forget, I am half Finnish, Jared is half Swedish, so it's in our blood to like the cold and snow.

Meanwhile, yes, it was nice to be outside and to get a large load of groceries without having to bundle up or be rained on.  Yes, there is no mess of boots and snowpants at the front door, or sand/salt dripping through the hallway.  But that was part of the fun, right?

Ok, ok, I'm trying to find the positive here.  It's just not coming to me.  Who knew that snow and the cold would be one of the top things I would miss about PEI?  I'm sure it's a weird thought for a lot of you.  Most people here hate the snow and cold.  They belong here.  I'm just the import.

Moving on....

Groceries went well with the 3 younger kids helping out a lot.  We got a bunch of stuff that Justin will use with the Star Wars cookbook he borrowed from the library again.  I got more papers sorted that I wanted to get done before school started up again.  I had intended for the kids to do some reading and math today so I can count it as a school day to make the 180 days "requirement" here by the end of May.  Oh well, we'll push harder tomorrow for that.  I still have a stack of my own little things to do and I have to prepare again for co op come Monday.  I'm sort of ready to go back.  I'd like the kids to be busy again, but I also don't like getting up that early, especially since our routine has been off by a couple of hours every day.  I finally adjusted Abishai's carseat so the straps are at his shoulders (or slightly above) instead of halfway down his back.  It always requires that the the seat be taken out fully so I can get at the right strap holder, but it's really a simple process once I get down in there.  Technically he could be front facing because he's over 20 lbs now, but he can also stay rear racing until 40lbs, so we're going to hold off.

That's about it.  Things will start picking up again once Benaiah goes back to school on Wednesday, Gary and Leah come home, youth group starts up, and then co op next Monday.  Back to the routine.

Toddler pulled out the stool and wanted me to set it up so he could pick out his own breakfast.

Abishai is obsessed with playing with Justin in Justin's room lately.  He was saying "uh-oh" when Justin made the bed bounce and the cars went flying.

Suspend Jr., the game he got for Christmas.  Much more fun with friends, but he enjoyed putting it together himself, too.

Someone sent Gary and Leah 3 plants, so we got one.  We have to be careful not to overwater it, but look, it's already starting to grow!

The kleenex box is a great place to hide his cars.  He's obsessed with rearranging his cars anywhere and everywhere.

Line 'em up!

I think the chair is a little too far from the countertop, but check out that stretch!

He looked up from the bath and saw the "foo-foo" towel and asked for it!  It's already a favorite!  There's a sound mechanism in it that is washable and makes a train sound.  He loves it!
Gave the kid jelly on bread, turned around, and he had it folded into a sandwhich all by himself.

I bought flowers for us, just because I could.

It's so warm out that Justin is in short sleeves and Keturah is in long sleeves and no jacket!  In the upper 50's F today!

A real "vroom vroom" with lots of buttons!

Benaiah said he misses riding it.  But, look at him!  He's way to big for it!  His feet don't even fit on it!
It was dark and Abishai wanted to read, so he found a place that already had a light on...the bathroom, go figure!  Delay fish tactic of wanting to read before bed.

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  1. Miss you guys. Abishai is so cute. It's mild and raining here too today. It'll melt all the snow we had and the boys are disappointed. We did have fun sledding and tubing over the holidays. I'll be envious of your earlier spring, I'm sure... 😉