Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, January 23, 2017

Year 2, Day 23: All gone!

"All gone!"  That's what Abishai said when he and I finished my eggs and sausage this morning, without prompting and without signing it!  Another two word phrase!  He's making so much progress!  Yeah!

I didn't give the kids much of a warning, but I'm trying to hit the books hard this week.  We didn't have co op today because a few of the moms and kids had other things to do or were sick.  I'm very grateful we didn't, because I'm still suffering from a lot of pain and exhaustion.  I'm getting pretty frustrated with it, blaming it on the weather here and stress.  Hopefully I'll get a couple of yes or no answers at my doctor's appointment tomorrow.  The appointment that I was late to last week and had to reschedule.  But I won't be bringing kids this time.

Anyway, I got everyone back on task after a very rough first few sentences of the day between the kids.  It was bad enough that they didn't get any electronic time today, even when they finished their school work.  They did their individual subjects, and then we touched on history (Noah's Ark, easy!), a book I really want to read for the fun of it, a little piano theory for Keturah, and math corrections.  And we started a lapbook about the Inauguration, which you will see later this week when we finish it.  Abishai bounced between the TV and the dining room table as we worked.  I was able to keep him more on track with his eating instead of snacking throughout the day.  Instead we focused on eating at mealtimes and not having 10 bowls of half eaten food sitting out throughout the day.

Then, I've been working on the blog this evening.  I want to separate out my rantings/ponderings/musings from the main page, but I couldn't find a way to actually post under the new "page."  So, please be patient.  My intent is to share some things, but not for it to become the main focus of this blog.  Therefore, the main page will still focus on our family's day to day adventures.  Thanks!

Again, I don't have a green, nor a black, thumb, but my oh my do I love watching things grow!  Check out this beauty!  I think ours is a couple of days ahead of Gary and Leah's plant that arrived at the exact same time as ours.  However, their's were a little neglected by the man and almost man who looked after the house (I'm looking at you, Husband and Son).  They didn't have it in a window nor did they water it.  Anyway, I'm super excited to see what this flower is because I've never had one before.  I could look it up of course, but I'd rather it be a surprise.  Wahoo!

Keturah had to clean up the rest of her stuffed animals from rearranging her bed this morning and she had to clean up another playset she didn't properly put away.  So, I guess in doing so, she decided to get all her Barbie houses out.  The only problem was that Abishai wanted to play to!

Keturah didn't want him messing it up, so I had to keep reminding her that a) she can always fix it when he's done, b) he's not destroying it, he just wants to play and he plays gently and c) he loves to do whatever she and Justin are doing.

Abishai jumping for joy when I said he could play!  I'm not joking!  He loved the Barbie car the most, but he did want a Barbie and a baby Barbie to put in it.  Nothing wrong with that! 

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