Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Year 2, Day 28: A Choice of Two Titles

Well, we had two fun things happen today, so what title do I give the blog tonight?  I don't know since it's already 10pm and I just sat down at the computer and I'm just hoping I can put down enough words that make sense.  Anyway,....

The BIG news is that Abishai's Certificate of Citizenship of the USA came today!!!  It only took SIX months! I was getting a bit nervous with all the things President Trump has signing lately.  So, now, Abishai has his Canadian birth certificate and passport and a document that proves he's also a citizen of the United States of America.  NOW we have to apply for an actual social security number and THEN we can get him an USA passport.  Without the SSN, I cannot claim him yet on the taxes.  Bummers!  But at least we get to keep him on this side of border, right?  Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!

We got the mail right before we left for church, so it was a mad dash to open it, but it helped to put a skip in my step and get me out the door.

We had already been out once today because I took the kids to the Who North America store/museum in Camby, IN.  Yes, Doctor Who.  It's the largest brick and mortar Doctor Who store in the world! They have some interesting older toys and figures that are part of the museum side of the store, which must have come from someone's private collection or they have purchased over the last few years.  They plan to expand that part of the building and are working on restoring a full sized Dalek!  One of the gentlemen said that they've had visitors from Anchorage, Alaska, as well as Morocco.  Some visitors have told them that they like this store better than the famous "Doctor Who Experience" museum in Cardiff, UK, where the show is filmed.  Of course there's a ton more props on display at the DW Experience place though, so someday we might go see it if we take a trip to the UK.  the Who NA did have a TON of everything you could imagine a fan would want and then some.  There were things in there that I have never seen on a website anywhere.  Anyway, we had a blast, and we picked out a couple of small things to purchase, mainly because I appreciate "small" businesses.  The brick and mortar store has only been open for 10 months.  They've had an online presence for a little while longer though.

#10 Doctor, David Tennat, stuffies (stuffed dolls)!  And it talks!  Abishai loved them!

No joke, they sell a couple of styles of the jackets the Doctor wears!  This is #10's jacket.

Knitted dolls of some of the doctors and some other memorabilia.

You can buy any of these stand up characters!  Some people like to buy thing like this and dress them up.  I have one of Michael W. Smith I bought off of eBay when I was a teen.  Never really got to display it though.

The store had two games on free play for the kids.  This is I believe an original pinball machine from the 70's/80's because it just had the doctors #1-7 on it.  Justin couldn't get enough of it!  It played the theme song and said all kinds of things.

This was a Star Trek Voyager shooting game.  I even gave it a try!

You just had to shoot the bad guys and reload again.  Pretty simple game from the 90's.

Abishai had to touch the buttons himself of course!

Located in Camby, IN, 30 minutes from our house!

You know you are a Lilla Rose stylist when....you don't wear anything but Lilla Rose products and your daughter found a unique use for an old barrette.  Lol.

This was a line said by Matt Smith, Doctor #11, when he was locked into a personal library.  He then proceeded to have everyone look through the books.  I can't remember what happened next though.  I put the poster next to one of our bookshelves of course.

This little guy is only about 2 inches tall.  I've been wanting a "Pop" figure for about 3 years now, so I compromised and got a mini one that is also a key chain.  Of course this is #10, David Tennant, my favorite doctor.  I'll add him to my Green Arrow Lego figure, Ironman, and Ninja Turtle.
Keturah used her own money to purchase this poster of Matt Smith, #11.  Lol.  It's her first poster of an actor in her room.  I laugh because I guess, well, you typically find some Hollywood actor on kids' bedrooms walls, or singers, in my case, not a sci fi show.  We are such geeks!  Except Jared.  He's pretty normal.

All the flowers were open today.  Gorgeous!

Gorgeous color!

Abishai just adores his sister!

He wanted to sleep with Keturah in her bed tonight.  Of course we said no.  But they did get to read together.

Yes, I let them all get in the crib for 1 minute.  So cute!

Abishai is an official citizen of the United States of America!

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