Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Year 2, Day 5 Busy on a Snowy Day

Yes, it snowed today!  The snow barely covered the grass, but it did snow.  So I tried to pretend it was a real snow day and finish up some projects with the kids before we really dig into school next week.  I had to get some preparing done for co op, which is difficult to do when you are trying to print things out, the printer runs out of ink, and the toddler is placing his cars on the keyboard or too close to the screen which is a touch screen, causing the mouse to move all over the place,...sigh.  Thankfully, I had more ink, but I went ahead and bought a new back up one.  Click over to Amazon, click on "1-click" checkout and away I go, it will arrive in two days, or like last time, 4 days since it's a weekend.  We will see.

But because of the lack of snow, Benaiah still had school today, Jared went to work with the construction guy, and Keturah worked on finishing up her English for Monday co op.  Justin brought in a pre cooked turkey (a full turkey already cooked!) that I had transferred from the freezer in the fridge in the garage to the the regular fridge part and it had not defrosted one bit.  So now, it's in my fridge inside.  Fun stuff!  Abishai buzzed around and around and around per usual.  He's having a sleepover in Baba's room tonight in the pack and play.  We'll see how that goes.

Then tomorrow is a full day out on the road with an appointment, a playdate, and an airport run.  Yeah!  Run, run, run!  The two "bachelors" do have some cleaning and homework/work to do while they take care of Abishai though.  That should prove interesting.  More on that tomorrow.

What is better than wrestling a Keturah monster in a sleeping bag?

Justin made another recipe! Jawa milkshakes!  Banana, chocolate, eggnog ice cream, and milk.

This is a "snow event" for the middle of Indianapolis.  Yup, it snowed.  Ok, moving on.

Yummy, eating popcorn for dinner with a spoon!  But he also had chicken and noodles, don't worry.

They said up to 5 inches, but I think that was further south because, yes, I can still see grass and road.

The snow was light and not very blustery.

Justin did some math today.  Working out those improper fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing fractions, and calculating area and perimeter (although he put the answers in the wrong spots.)

Justin's finished project of the day.  A foosball table using a shoebox and clothespins!

This is NOT our picture, but it shows what we attempted to do today, which was make a pencil case out of a DVD case.

Here's our version!  You cut out the circle part that holds the DVD so you have a flatter part to put the pencils.  But you also need to put some thin cardboard to cover the hole you made in the back.

Our cardboard was a tad too thick, so we added a ribbon to tie it closed.

Ta da!  It's Pinterest worthy, isn't it?

Time for the boys to have a sleepover!

Abishai's bed all nice and cozy and ready.

Reading our Bibles before we go to sleep.
Abishai has been having a really hard time winding down for bed.  I usually have to just put him in the bed and let him scream for a few minutes before he realizes he needs to lie down.  I think it took about 15 minutes for him to settle in Justin's room, but amazingly he did.  I turned on the light for the pictures.

Aw, the boys are having a sleepover!  I thought I told Justin to leave some of the Christmas lights on, but he ended up turning them all off.  I'm glad Abishai can sleep with or without lights.  We do prefer to have a fan or some kind of white noise going though to drown out anything else going on in the house since we walk past both rooms constantly.  We are able to speak at a pretty normal level when he's taking a nap in Keturah/his room, though, so that's good.  It's not like with the other 3 where I made the house absolutely silent, or as Jared called it, "a tomb." Lol.  But yeah, getting Abishai to sleep anywhere in the pack and play is a GREAT thing!  He does use it at Grandma's house just fine, too.

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