Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, January 16, 2017

Year 2, Day 16: We Skipped A Season

I think winter lasted about 2 seconds this year.  No joke!  It's pouring, I mean dumping buckets of rain! If all this rain was snow...well, we'd be on PEI and it would be at least a foot.  But we aren't.  We will have 5 or so days in the 50's F. Lots of threats of ice storms, but nothing to show for it.  Way too many "weather alerts" for fog and rain and sleet and ice....I wonder if people ever look outside their windows anymore to see what the weather is like or if they need an app to tie their shoes everyday....

Ok, enough of the ranting, but it is raining.  Again.  I'm glad it waited until tonight.  We were in and out of the buildings we use for co op and I had to get Abishai from Grandma's, etc.  Being dry is great!  The day went fine otherwise.  Save Abishai puking at Grandma's for no apparent reason.  I detected a fever tonight though, so we'll see.  And again, it's 48 hrs since he was in the church nursery.  It's a phenonmon that is common with larger nurseries and daycares.  It happened a lot when kids would go to church on Sunday and then came Tuesday morning, when we had our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meetings, and a bunch of kids would be sick.  Or we would got to MOPS on Tuesday, and then on Thursday they would be sick.  It drives me crazy because I have places to be and things to do and I can't always wait for everyone to be 100% healthy or we would never get anything done!  So, hopefully it's nothing big and we can move on from it easily like my vertigo two days ago.

Abishai had some fun times with Grandma, besides the throwing up.  He knew when it was time for naptime, and went to the bed, facing it, just waiting for someone to put him up there.  He didn't know where his paci and blankie were though.  He got excited when we picked him up and told him we could see Dada soon.  On our way home, we saw a big 18 wheeler, and he said, "ve, ve" (whee whee) and "wow!" as well as vroom!  He was playing with his cars and one of them was spinning on it's roof and he said, "ve, ve" for it, too.  It's the new word of the week!  Plus, "key" for "blankie."  If he wants a cookie, he'll say it a little differently and use both syllables.

Oh, let's see,...Justin got a perfect score on his state abbreviation quiz today!  Woot! Woot!  Keturah had the option of doing it, but opted out (of course).  She also needs constant reminders that she's doing work that his above her level and that none of us, her English teacher, her history teacher, or I, only expect her to do her personal best and NOT try to keep up with the big kids.  We all praise her constantly and are proud of her for what she has done, like learned 6 parts of speech in the last six months when NONE of that was familiar to her.

Meanwhile, Benaiah had the day off because it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so he spent it working at the church being the gopher for whatever the construction men needed as they laid carpert and such in the renovated gym, now office space.  So, Jared's office now has paint, carpet, and they started putting together the furniture!  Woot! Woot!  Progress!  They have an all day planning session tomorrow for the e2 Ministry, so that should be exciting and fun.  Not my cup of tea, but that's why the men "sit at the city gates" so they can discuss things.  I'm sure there will be plenty of actionable steps, too, though.  I'm a "give me the assignment and let me get it done" type of person, and not a visionary.

We finished the day by playing our video games and prepping our schoolwork for the rest of the week because it will be a full week of appointments and activities, including mine tomorrow, and I'm bringing 3 kids with me.  Oh well.  I did it for 14 years, I can do it again.  I've been extremely spoiled by having Jared home for 10 months and relying on him to watch the kids so I can do appointments and shopping in peace and not mess up naptime.  But we're going to make it fun by exchanging a Christmas gift and if there's time, visiting the Lego store on the northside.  Then we'll stop off at Gary and Leah's house to visit with Gary's brother and wife, and then the middles and I will go see "A Dog's Purpose" for free!  The offered a free screening just for homeschoolers! I know it's reincarnation, but I've already talked with the kids about it and watched Movieguide.org's review of it, and aside from that (large) part, it's a family heartfelt type movie.  And it's free!

Picture time.

I love, Love, LOVE that Abishai gets to hang out with us for the first hour class!  He gets some much needed people time, he imitates what the big kids do, like playing this Hullabaloo game by Cranium (GREAT educational game company!), and I get to hang out with him before he goes to see Gma.  Seriously, he took in a couple of rounds of this game, which is to follow the directions from a voicebox that says, "crawl to something red" or "hop over to a square," and then jumped in on the action, waiting for the thing to say the next direction.  Now, he didn't understand the directions and he didn't always move to another thing, but he DID stand on top of the things and waited for the next instruction.  Super observant, this one is.

They are redoing the rooms to suit their current needs at the church, so our room had a big makeover this week.  They took out the older kid toys and just left the 2 and under type toys.  So, there was this little climbing thing and Abishai had a ball using it as a slide saying, "ve, ve" going up and down it.

I included both pictures of this because here you can see the game better.  It's a bowling game on Grandma's Nook.  Abishai will now beg for "bowl, bowl" so he can play. It's super sensitive, so it doesn't always work, but he tries anyway.  The other kids have their favorite games on there, like Keturah's was a doughnut game for awhile.  Abishai didn't want to play that one.  Justin asked if they could put "Plants vs. Zombies" on it, and immediately Grandma and I both said, "No way!"  I can't stand creepy things like zombies or even the creepers on Minecraft.  No thank you!

After we got everything out of the car, I went to help Abishai out and he was sitting like this.  Justin had unbuckled him at my request.  He was saying, "Go, go! Vroom! Vroom!"  He did NOT want to get out of the car and was hanging on for dear life!  He even spread out his feet to try and brace himself against his carseat.  This kid LOVES to go and would LIVE in the car!  My brother, Paul-Mikael, spent a ton of time in the car when he was a baby and toddler but I don't remember him really loving to be on the go this much (he's the youngest of us 4 as well).  Yikes!

Random: Justin has to put away the ceramic dishes, and these big plastic plates.  He's so proud of himself that he made a rainbow with the plastic ones.  What an organized goofball.  Yes, it's a rainbow, I get it.

Can you see them?  Hardly, because they are moving too fast!  Abishai has two of our 3 tongs that he uses as alligators jaws to chomp on us.  One of the most used ones was dirty, so I offered him the 3rd one, and he refused to take it.  So I had to wash the first one so he could go get his sissy.

Aw, my tired little, probably sick almost 2 year old, fell asleep nursing tonight!  What a sweet treat!  He hadn't eaten much today, so I'm glad he spent a ton of time nursing, but he was doing it in his sleep like he was a baby.  I actually did take a bunch of pictures that aren't appropriate for the blog so I have something to look back on for this special time.  He will stop breastfeeding at some point, and because we aren't planning on having more kids, I'd like to really remember this special bond we have shared.  Also, when he nurses, he has always played with something and kept his fingers busy.  Tonight was no exception has he was fingering his now clean blanket (it had gotten the brunt of the throw up earlier in the day).  Sweet baby hand!

Abishai stayed very sleepy when he finished and I carried him like I used to in the cradled position all the way down the hallway to his room.  He opened his eyes and raised his arm to do his "pinchy" bye bye wave at Justin, Daddy, and Keturah.  I couldn't lay him down that way, so he did sit up a bit when I put him in the crib, but immediately found his cars pillow and feel back asleep before I left the room.  Sigh.  They grow so fast.  He'll be two years old in 4 weeks!  Crazy! And yet, it happens.  Enjoy them every moment you can.

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