Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Year 2, Day 10: Work and Play

Well, it was incredible warm but gray and rainy outside today, so I'm glad it was our usual stay at home and recover from co op day.  Jared got up early for a breakfast meeting, so the rest of us were up fairly early, at least for us.  I knew I had to do some tidying up before the kids could use the table and the dishes were a mess in the kitchen, so I got right on those.  So much so, I had to warm up my coffee 3 times!  But kids got into their schoolwork easily and well.  Abishai was an incredible high energy crazy boy today, maybe because he could bounce between all of us again.  He literally did like 20 or 30 laps up and down the hallway pushing his big bus, running, running, running.  He was panting like a dog, too. But he would chant, "Daddy, daddy, daddy," all slow and cute like and then say, "Mommy, mommy, mommy."  I think we both were highly distracted by him today because he's so cute!  A few times, he opted to stay on Daddy's shoulder instead of going to Momma's shoulder.  He's like the baby Jack Jack from the incredibles.  Or a regular or purple Minion from Despicable Me 2.  Some people know/think Gary has a triple AAA personality, i.e. high energy/go get 'em/hardly slows down, but I think Abishai will surpass him.  It's not something like ADHD or hyperactive in a bad way.  He's just "busy" learning all the can about his world.  He would never, ever last in a traditional classroom, that's for sure.  In his own words, "Go, go, go!"

After a full day of homeschool co op, we dug into a full day of work at home.  They didn't complain hardly at all, even when I went a little long on our history review/first lesson of Volume 1 of Mystery of History on Creation.

Even little mister got to join in!

Our little goof ball doing who knows what.  I think it was just trying to hide.

He played in the kitchen for like 15 minutes, and it kept progressing.

How much more can you squish yourself into the corner?

This much!

Time to get out!

Cars cars everywhere!  But we did find Daddy's legs are much more stable and flatter than Mommy's legs.  He also said, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" a ton today!

Thomas alphabet puzzle with caramel corn train.  Yum!

He did eat the caramel corn from the whole "train," moving from one chair to another to get them all.

Look, Mom, I'm so tall!

Me, too!

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