Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Year 2, Day 8: Time to Celebrate!

Ah, today we got to have a nice steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate the expansion of e2 Ministries that includes Jared as the Operations Director.  Woot! Woot!  Jared is now full-time and financial stability has come!  Praise the Lord!  Actually, we were never without anything we needed.  And we didn't have to go in debt either.  But yeah for ministry expansions and new jobs!  And yeah that Gary and Leah are home safe as well!

So, Jared, I, Justin, Keturah and Abishai got to TR early to beat the church crowd.  We got right in, but had to wait an hour for Gary, Leah, and Benaiah to get there from church.  It was an interesting hour because Abishai was very antsy, which made Justin and Keturah antsy.  We played daytime/nighttime (our version of peek a boo), Abishai had plenty of rolls with their yummy cinnamon honey butter, we ate peanuts, and drank way too much pop.  Despite the cramped quarters, the food was good and we brought some of it home for lunch tomorrow.  Abishai eating the rolls is a big improvement from a few months ago when he wouldn't touch them.  Oh, and basically, he didn't sit in his high chair the whole time, instead opting to play musical chairs between the rest of us.  I'm telling you, take that kid out to any public place just gets him all jazzed up and wired!  He didn't even fall asleep on the way home!

I've been faithfully watering, but not overwatering, this plant, and it's growing fast!  I also make sure I open the blinds so it gets sun, and rotate it so all sides get the light.  Well, I was barely touching it to peek around the different parts, and it looks like one of the main flowers came right off!  So sad!  I'm sure it would have bloomed beautifully, too.  Totally bummed!

Weird plant, too.  Is it "bleeding?"  I really have no clue about this plant, so if someone else knows, feel free to let me know what to do!

Abishai and my computer.  Oh my goodness.  He now puts cars on my keyboard and all the way up to my screen, which is a touch screen, which means my mouse jumps to places I don't want to go.  But, he did have fun watching Thomas videos, and our home videos, and other fun videos like the BBC animal video where someone does a voice over and says hilarious things.  Just search for "nighttime daytime bird" on youtube and you'll find it.

We were watching "Inside Out" together and one of the memory balls was of the girl wearing underwear on her head when she was a toddler.  So, I asked Keturah if she would put her underwear on her head.  She said no in the moment, but then later, she went ahead and tried it.  Goofy girl!

King of the bed!  He snuggled in with us this morning actually.  He was kind of sitting on the edge of the bed, then laid back a bit and put his head on my hip and fell asleep for like 20 minutes!  Then he snuggled all the way in on the crook of my arm for another 10 minutes.  Sweet!  For the boy who never sits still, it was fantastic!

He seriously thinks he rules the roost.  Not!

He can say, "Ha" for "hat." and wants the hat on.  This was on that my mom had made the boys a very long time ago.

What a big boy coloring the kid pages, eating rolls, and even handing Daddy the plate when he wanted more!

Nom Nom

This particular roll looked like a car and he literally drove the roll around the plate and made his car sounds.  Stir crazy baby!  Plus he had brought some car friends with him.

Those 3 boys of mine.  How are they all related because they are so different!  Different sizes, different personalities, different likes and dislikes.  They are all crazy though!
Back to the grind tomorrow!  Homeschool co op bright and early, appointments, homework, etc.  Here we go!  2nd semester, here we come!

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