Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Year 2, Day 22: Pushing Through

Sigh, wow, what a week.  I'm trying to get my head in the game, and it's tough going.  I think I have a tentative schedule, menu plan, and school plan for the week.  I've got to have some goals or I won't be productive.  Anywho, that's what Sundays are for!  Jared went to church with Keturah since they weren't able to go last night.  Justin had stayed overnight with Grandma and Grandpa with Benaiah and Justin's friend Bryce, so he just went to church again with them and then stayed the whole afternoon until youth group.  Bryce was picked up right after church.  Then Jared drove back down to take the boys to group.  Keturah, Abishai, and I had dinner, and Abishai had a bath.  Keturah did a little bit of sewing on her monkey and rearrange her bed.  I kept up with laundry and dishes, but those are no brainers for me.  Oh, that's right, I've spent a good portion of the day fighting with my computer as well.  It's saying Opera doesn't have enough memory space to operate properly all the time.  I was able to get the computer up long enough to delete some picture files and some other unused programs, but I'm not sure that did the trick.  It always makes me nervous to delete pictures, although I have them saved to a DVD, the external hard drive, this blog, Facebook sometimes, and all of them are on Snapfish, never mind the original SD they were take on.  It's just a little harder to access them when they aren't right there on my internal hard drive.  Wah, I know, not the end of the world.  I have documents to clean up and out, too, but today was a rush job.

Moving on, straight to the pictures and I'll tell the rest of the stories with them.

Doing what he does every day, lining up his cars.  He watches Jay Jay the Jet Plane and Thomas the Tank Engine, too.  Every day.  At least he ate a bit more today!  The rest of us are still kind of icky, but we are pushing through.

He was saying, "Ting ting!" like the guns on the Star Wars first person shooter video game.

The many faces of the wee one.  Smile (or snort)!

Are you sure you want me to smile?

He asked to wear the Cars hooded towel and wanted to wear it or the Thomas one to bed!  We didn't let him though because I was afraid he'd get caught up in it and it would be too cold because he had on nothing underneath.

Ice Cream!  And he insisted that he have the cone and that it couldn't be in a bowl.  But now we are out of cones.  He'll have to take from a bowl like everyone else next time!

Here's the Lego tomb Jared and Justin made for the funeral yesterday.  I'm going to keep it intact at least through Easter.  It's awesome!

The stone rolls away! And the tomb is risen!  I wasn't at the funeral, so I'm not sure what Gary actually said, but I can assume it was about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ so that we may live with him in heaven for eternity and that Timio is doing that right now.

The back of the tomb.

Gary also used the Revelation 21-22 part of the Brick Bible to illustrate what heaven may look like and that there will be no more tears or pain in heaven, Praise the Lord!

Cool rendering of Heaven, complete with 12 gates, 3 on each side, and the foundation made of gemstones.

Streets of gold in Heaven and a river flowing through the city.

The Brick Bible is awesome, but does contain scenes of death and destruction, complete with red bricks for blood.  They also show "He lay with his wife" moments and circumcision.  They include the verses from which they got the stories.  So, I'd have a regular Bible handy to explain any differences you find.  But it's neat to see the stories come to life this way!

Abishai asked to talk to Benaiah.  Benaiah didn't respond much because he was listening to music and messing with his rubix cube again.

Abishai wanted to wear the Thomas hooded towel to bed, so I let him do our nighttime rituals in it.  We read the Bible, he kisses Jesus at the end, we sing itsy bitsy spider, twinkle, twinkle little star, and if you're happy and you know it, songs.

What?! Why can't I wear "foo foo" to bed? He actually ran away from me with a "catch me if you can" kind of laugh.  Then he snuggled into my bed, and while there, he lifted up his rear and purposefully bubbled (tooted) at me.  Oh boy, we've got to keep a close on this one.  Hysterical laughter for tooting? And then trying to do more on purpose?  Yup, he's all boy!

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