Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Year 2, Day 25: Trying Something New

After little guy woke us up several times this morning starting at like 4am, I finally got up at 7:30 hearing him saying, "Kie! Kie!" His blanket had gotten damp from a very wet (poopy?) diaper overnight, so Jared had to put it in the wash.  Abishai was NOT happy.  I washed it right away because I knew we needed it for naptime.  And one of Keturah's blankets was an ok substitute so we could nurse this morning (he didn't have clothes on, and we usually stay wrapped up and warm in the morning.  He was in a fog, too, and it took a bit before he could calm down for breakfast.  Sigh.  But, we were up, and the kids got breakfast and started on work early.  We kind of needed to get going because I was heading out this afternoon to talk with a lady about a Classical Conversations homeschool group.  I kind of went on a whim because I simply wanted to know more about it.  The group meets closer to where Gary and Leah live, and where we want to move to.  I won't try to explain all the differences between this group and other groups, but there were some significant things that I liked and am pondering over in the next couple of months.  I like our current homeschool co op, but I also know it has been filling in a gap as we transitioned back to Indiana this year.  It's no secret that it doesn't quite fit my philosophy of education or style that I would prefer.  So, I'm just looking into options because this CC group just popped up on another homeschool group's page.  I don't know if it's something we will do, but now I know a ton more about CC, so even if we don't do it, I can share with others what it's about.  It was great just talking about it!

Meanwhile, I was able to read today's history lesson to the kids during a snack/lunch break, while Abishai was buzzing around, which is something somewhat new for us.  It was on dinosaurs, so there was only a couple of new points I wanted the kids to learn anyway.  We are very familiar with Creation science vs. evolution and have many, many books on the subject since it was one of my mom's favorite topics.  Including books that the Answers in Genesis organization still sell!  Plus, we borrowed some of Ken Ham's books from the library (which actually came from a Christian school's library) like "D is for Dinosaur" and "A is for Adam."  If we needed more information or study on the subject, both of those two books have study guides in the back, including Scriptures to follow.  But, we know enough for now.

Then the boys had Bible Bowl, where Justin doesn't just show off his memorization skills, but gets to flirt with some of the girls, lol.  He doesn't even realize he's doing it, that's the funny thing.  He just has a compassionate heart and cares deeply for people in general.  But they did study, and they should have a competition or two coming up.  Benaiah is going to one in the middle of February at one of the colleges.  Should be fun. 

The younger two and I hung out while I put away the Christmas decor.  Everything is done except the ornaments and the lights that stay up until I get sick of them around April.  I think I'll redecorate the tree with Valentine's and St. Patrick's things just for one.  And then Easter!  When everyone got home, we had a grand time snuggling and singing the songs I sing to baby nearly every day.  Abishai thought it was the best thing to have most of us in the bed all at once.

Keturah gluing the pieces onto the lap book we did on the inauguration.  I forgot to take more pictures of the finished product, so I'll do that tomorrow.

Woke up to the flowers starting to open!

Abishai's dinner, part leftovers from earlier in the day, and then his favorite snack combo: "crakers" (cheeze its), "cookies" (vanilla wafers), and "Roars!" (animal crackers.  He had to get them all lined up perfectly in a row though.

Carb, check.  Protein from hot dog and hamburger, check. Veggies from pickles, tomatoes, and green pepper, check.  Dealing with one kid's picky eating: priceless?  Or pricey?

While Keturah and I were meeting with the CC lady, she bragged and bragged on how cute Abishai was/is to the other 8 year old there.  She loves her baby brother so much.

Not just one flower bloomed, but...

...3 blooms opened today!  Wow!  They are big and gorgeous!  I guess my purple irisis over the years where this big but I didn't get too close and personal with them like I am with these.  I think they are the same size.  Very gorgeous color!

And there's still more to open tomorrow and the next day!  Wahoo!

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