Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Year 2, Day 30: Playing Secretary

Some days, I feel like I spend more time coordinating our life and not enjoying those events and times together when they do come around! February is proving to be a very tricky month to manage, so I'm going to need to be patient with myself and the kids.  Lots of deep breaths.  Plus, I think the B6 supplement I started needs to be cut in half because it's causing some stomach upset and anxiety of all things, kind of like drinking a Starbucks drink.  So, there's that.

It was a fine day otherwise.  I got some compliments about Keturah and Justin and how attentive they are in class, which is not the case at home, but that's ok.  But they each had their quirks today, too.  Keturah was a bit moody and poor Justin was being teased when one of the girls his age encouraged the younger ones to go after him to get his basketball away from him.  I know they were just teasing, so I tried to work it out with him on how to deal with those kinds of situations.  Justin did get a $5 gift card to a gas station because of having a perfect score on his states' postal codes quiz!

Jared had to work at home today so that the handyman could fix the sink, so he kept Abishai at home until Grandma came and got him.  Jared also hadn't had much time with Abishai, or the other kids, since he was gone all weekend.  And now that he goes to the church to work, there's much, much less time together.  Abishai of course had a great time, and when Grandma brought him home, he threw a huge fit about me taking off his coat and boots, especially when I mentioned Daddy would be home soon.  Abishai also took his nap at Grandma's house without his blankie and paci because they were forgotten at home.  Wow!  It's good to know that he can do that!  And the boy ate some of the 7 bean chili I made for co op today.  I was pretty impressed because it was mild but it had beans, green beans, ground beef, corn, and tomatoes in it.  Very nice!  Benaiah had school of course, and then he went to church to do some volunteer work.

Tomorrow, the 3 kids and I are going to check out that Classical Conversations homeschool co op/group while they are actually meeting.  The middles aren't crazy about having to go out tomorrow, but that's life.  We will come home by naptime, so we won't see everything, but I really just want to talk to the families there.  I also did tell our current group that we are not coming back in the fall.  It's not because we don't like the families there, but I want to steer the kids in a different way educationally.  I know a couple of them read this blog, but I can be honest here.  The group is great for those who want a more traditional school method, but at home.  They have a great group of high schoolers and are great at making sure everyone gets their high school credits and graduates on time.  The younger ones have learned a lot, too.  I just prefer a different focus than that.  I will recommend our current group for those in the area and are looking for that criteria.  Oh, and it's not about the drive either.  We are hoping to move closer to the church, but the current location of co op isn't that much further than now.  It's hard to tell people you aren't coming back. I'm a very faithful, committed person, so it feels like I'm letting someone down when I say no thanks.  But I'm grateful that we've had this year as we've transitioned back to the states.  We've met some great people, too.

Two of the teachers for the littles couldn't come today, so I was with them all morning.  Not an issue because Abishai wasn't with me.  I let them play a ton after my lessons with them because they play so well together.  And, I've been reading a lot about how kids learn through play, like how they can self regulate and come with their own rules so the game is fair, etc.  Anyway, we were getting a little bored, so another mom brought over this game.  You have to match up roads, railroads, and rivers together and each card is different.  Sometimes the roads end and sometimes they turn a weird way.  It's very hard actually.

But this little guy, who can get frustrated at times, was very diligent with it, especially when the girls gave up.  He kept telling himself that he knows that there's a solution to it and he can find it.  And he wasn't saying it arrogantly, it was more of a pep talk.  It was so adorable and awesome!  And he DID get it done!  I was so proud of him!

Just one card was wrong in the whole thing, but I didn't have the heart to tell him!  He called the town "Co-op-ia" in the country of  "India."  Totally cuteness overload!

So two of the girls who stay for afternoon classes and their teacher, who owns the game, fixed that last little piece.  It looks like it took some time though!  Plus they worked on patterns with Connect 4 as well.

Incredible game that was made like in the 1990's by Ravensburger, the awesome game/puzzle company that we have all kinds of puzzles from.

These guys really do cheer me up.  I'm not joking.  Maybe subconsciously the Doctor reminds me to use my mind and Green Arrow reminds me to use my physical body for good.  I don't know, they just make me smile sitting there staring at me.  Yes, I know, I'm weird.

I put the bud that fell off the big flower a couple of weeks ago in a cup with a little bit of water and it has started to open!  Cool!

Abishai finished up his chocolate cars, and he's going to be upset when he asks again for one and they are all gone!  But he did have fun with the wrapper today.

I came home and found all these things on the counter today.  Hm,...I think the boys had a little too much fun while they ate breakfast together.  Also, I forgot to mention that I gave him the small bowl of  chili and walked away.  Well, he was able to get down, with the bowl of chili and walk into the living room to eat it at the coffee table while watching TV without spilling a single drop!  And then he ate it without getting on his clothes!  Wow! I'm pretty impressed that he could do that!

Our newest ritual is to "read" all these books twice a day in this chair.  It makes nursing time longer, but I'm glad to have something to transition, too when he doesn't nurse.  He was really upset after I took this picture and picked him up to put him to bed.  But, he's a typical Johnson with a stack of books, just like his Daddy, and Grandpa, and probably great Grandparents, too.  We LOVE books!

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