Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Year 2, Day 22: Recuperating

I woke up with a tension headache and very, very stiff from being out last night.  Plus the kids were still not feeling great, so we rested a lot today.  Actually, I took the 3 kids to the visitation for our little friend, and then left Justin there to keep Bryce occupied.  I just know it's hard for kids to last through 2 hrs of a visitation plus a funeral service.  It was definitely hard to see the hearse sitting outside the church and walking into the visitation.  The little guy loved color, so there was lots of colorful things everywhere.  I'm glad they did it in the kids' wing of our church.  They had many tables set up with lots of Timio's favorite things and paintings etc.  It looked like it was going to be a very big crowd.  Our children's director encouraged the normal volunteers to come, wear their Kidustrial t-shirts, and be there for the kids that would come to say their good byes.  I didn't stay for the service because I was exhausted and just needed rest, which I got this afternoon with a nice long nap and really great medication I picked up at the pharmacy.  Actually I spent a bunch of money on all kinds of things like pepto bismal, tums, anti diarhea medication, Tylenol, etc.  We were out of some basic supplies for yucky tummies.   Anyway, I'm sure the funeral was perfect for Mr. Sunshine Timio.  I'll have to quiz Justin tomorrow because he and Bryce stayed over at Grandma's house so I haven't seen him except for regular church tonight since I dropped him off for the service.

Jared, Abishai, and Keturah stayed home from church because Keturah was feeling queasy again after reading and watching TV.  We're going to try be more vigilant with Abishai washing his hands after going to nursery, because I think he's the one bringing home all these nasty germs.  So, I'm glad he was able to stay home as well.  Jared and Keturah will try to go to the 9:15 service tomorrow morning.  Then it's off to get groceries and then youth group. Pretty normal stuff.

It was nearly 70 degrees F today, so Jared opened up all the windows!  It's January 22nd, mind you.  And two years ago we were already waist deep in snow.  I heard a flock of birds this week, too.  I think we skipped a season.

At least little man can enjoy his ball pit and watching cars go by.

In fact, as he watched a family walk past our bedroom window he said, "Giggle Giggle" because they had a baby in a stroller.  But when they kept on walking, he pitifully said, "Baby, baby, baby."  So sad.  He wanted to make a friend!

Have a little sandwhich with your bacon Keturah!  She couldn't finish her sandwhich, but at least she made it herself.

Now that's how you drink a banana smoothie!

Playing cars on a bright, warmer sunny day on the porch!

Wide open windows!  It's great to let some fresh air inside! 
This is one of the pictures Timeo drew.  They put a magnet on the back of these little papers for us to take home to put on our fridges to remind us of him.  So neat!

They choose an older picture, but Timio had just turn 9 a couple of months ago.  Sweetest smile around the block!

I a thinking that they were going to pull out the sticks so all the alls would fall down.  Unless this was a prop for the kids' church over the weekend.  Either way, the sign is great!

I loved how the florist made the flowers to look like a doggie.  And fun colored balloons of course.  I'm glad they kept things bright and cheerful.  We celebrate out loved ones lives and the fact, that they are now whole, with a new body, in Heaven, rejoicing and singing praises to Jesus.  I even got choked up several times during the regular worship service later on this evening because some of the songs talked about singing with 1,000 tongues or whatever and remembering my mom would loved to sing and be in the choir.  The choir did sing tonight as well.  It's a celebration.  I'm glad they made the funeral service that way.  Can't wait to hear more details tomorrow!

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