Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Year 2, Day 28: It snowed BIG flakes!

Wow, it actually snowed all day!  Huge, wet snowflakes!  We didn't have to go anywhere until this evening, and Jared can drive us down to the church if need be.  Kids' choir starts up again this week, as well as youth group.  Keturah wants to try out for a speaking part!  No singing solos though.  So this morning and afternoon, I worked hard at getting the house prepared for the week.  From a load of laundry done, to a meal prepared, to the Christmas decorations put away, phew!  Bags are packed for co op.  Chili ingredients are ready to dump in the pot tonight for our lunch at co op tomorrow.  Lots of good stuff.  The men made it safely home, despite the snow.  They had been up further north this weekend.

Then, at church, we all got to see Jared's new office!  It's not totally furnished, but it's starting to look like "home."  It was kind of fun to watch Gary buzzing around cleaning this or arranging that.  He likes to have things done yesterday, if you know what I mean.  Jared and I are more laid back, and we know it will all get done eventually.  I guess I was pretty giddy about it all because I think it's interesting and awesome that Jared gets to work in the same building he grew up in.  I mean think about it.  Gary and Leah and the boys moved to Indianapolis when Jared was around 10.  When you think about being 10 years old, your mind usually can't imagine being in your late 30's and where you will be.  Ok, I confess, I had lots of dreams of being in my 30's and none them came true in the way I thought they would.  Anyway, I think it's awesome that after you've gotten through the raising of a child(ren), you hopefully get to see who they are and how they've matured, and it's all worth it.  It give me great hope that no matter how much my teens get on my nerves, someday, they will be grown and hopefully serving God in whatever job they have, secular or ministry.  I think we can get so stuck in the here and now and forget the end goal of raising children: competent independent adults that provide something to the culture/society and having embraced your belief system, right?  Kids won't be teenagers forever.  As a friend said to me, they are "adults in training."  It's just so exciting.  Not many can say they are working with their Dad.  And it feels so right.  I know many of you have been praying for me to accept what God has obviously laid out for us, and I can confidently say that I have.  We're looking to move to a home closer to the church.  We are permanently resettling.  I don't know.  It's hard to describe.  I'm just so excited and happy for Gary and Jared!  What a blessing!

That's about it, so here's a few tidbits I forgot to put in the last week or so's posts.  Today, I was randomly kissing Abishai's hands and cheeks and then I kissed one of his toy cars he was playing with.  He thought it was a new and interesting game, so he had me kiss every car! (about 20) And you gave the biggest "cheesy" grin and said, "cheeeesssseeeeeeee" when we bought a container of cottage cheese last night, lol.  Abishai now can shake hands and give high fives!  We just hadn't taught him yet.  A couple of weeks ago, Abishai walked backwards into the bathroom and said, "Beep, beep!" like trucks do when they back up!  I think he probably dreams he's a truck, or a car, or an airplane, maybe a boat!  He also will try to sing the "Thomas the Tank Engine" song if he sees a Thomas character on anything, like a plate or cup.  And lastly, I might have said this before, but there was a family walking by our house a week ago, with a baby in the stroller, and Abishai said, "Giggle, giggle!" And then he got upset and sad when they kept walking.  Which reminds that he can almost say the word, "Friends!" He woke up groggily for his nap yesterday, so I said, "Do you want to go see your friends at church?" "Friends!" he said (or something close that) and he lit up like a Christmas tree.  Social butterfly!

Abishai and his breakfast arrangements.  He loved the monster trucks and bulls!

Bare ground!

A big more covered!

Keturah put plain cinnamon on her toast, without butter or sugar, so she didn't finish it at breakfast.  She picked it up again for lunch, but only after heaping a ton of sugar on the bread first!  Oh my word!  That's like the amount of sugar in a can of Mountain Dew or something!  She's got a big sweet tooth, just like me!

I said I put away the Christmas decorations.  I did NOT say I was putting away the tree!  Lol!  The kids weren't impressed.

I plan to decorate it for Easter, too.  Not in bunnies and Easter eggs, but as a "Jesse" or "Jesus" tree that tells the lineage and story of Jesus' birth, death, and Resurrection.  Why not, right?
Abishai loves the fishes at Meijer!

Not completely done, but it's getting there!

Desk space!


The whole gym is getting a makeover and they are making the classrooms that we used to meet in and Benaiah and Justin had Sunday School in for Kids' Rock into offices!  It's the same walls, but feels different!  Grandma took Abishai for a little ride.

I have my collection of stuff and Jared has his collection.  Not sure what the poker chip means, but I like the Charlottetown Islanders hockey puck, Benjamin Franklin fake $100 "bill" stress "ball" thing, and Bible together!  

The youth group got a Gaga Ball pit!  It's all the rage in youth groups and youth camps these days.  We had friends who made one for their kids by hand (no kit) and they also made one at the summer camp at Canoe Cove, again, with no kit.  But down here in the states, there are actual kits you can put together and disassemble to move to a new spot. Gaga ball is a form of dodgeball.  Fun times! 

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